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What’s Allowed

  • Solo training.
  • Training with a coach is allowed but must respect the rules of social distancing.
  • Training with a member of a different household but must respect the rules of social distancing.
  • Matches with a member from the same household.
  • Matches using modified rules with a member from another household following Squash Wales guidance.

What is NOT Allowed

  • Non-Modified Squash Matches remain banned with members not from your household or extended household. 
  • No more than four players at a time on the court unless it’s an organised coaching activity.


To minimise the time of close contact between two players in a normal game of Squash, Squash Wales are implementing a new “Modified Game”. The new “Modified Game” will give all Squash Wales membership the opportunity to participate and play in a safe manner a game of Squash until all Covid – 19 restrictions are lifted when we can go back to normal match play. The rules of the new “Modified Game” are listed below. Alongside these new adaptations, it is vital that everyone adheres to the Welsh Government guidelines along with the measures that your venue has put in place. 

  1. Matches are to be played best of five games 
  2. Play first to 11 points 
  3. Sudden Death at 10-10 
  4. After every 5 points played there must be a 30 second break to allow players a chance to towel down any excessive sweat in their designated area. 
  5. Each player must have their own designated area at the front of the court (keeping 2 metres apart) 
  6. After every 5 points the ball must be wiped clean with a handwipe. 
  7. After each break of 5 points the serve will switch to the other player. 
  8. Don’t wipe your hands on the wall 
  9. Players are not allowed to shout or raise their voice Please maintain social distancing when not on court and continue to follow your clubs/venue hygiene cleaning policies. 

For further information and ideas for squash training which practices social distancing please visit:

Court Usage

  • A single session booking is 35-minutes with and a double session being 70 minutes. Following Squash Wales guidance, we will keep a 5-minutes between bookings.
  • A maximum of 2 players per court.  Please refer to current Squash Wales guidance regarding players from different households.
  • No spectators are allowed on the courts/seating area – players only.
  • There will be no changing facilities available.  Please ensure you arrive prepared to play.

Face Coverings

  • Face coverings are required to be worn at all times within the Centre apart from when you are taking part in sport or exercise.

Social Distancing

  • Please maintain 2m social distancing (where possible) throughout the centre.
  • Please follow entrance and exit signage at Reception.

Health, Safety & Hygiene

  • No-one should leave home to participate in Squash if they, or someone they live with, has symptoms of COVID -19, currently recognised as any of: - A high temperature - A new, continuous cough - A loss of, or change to, their sense of smell or taste.
  • There is hand sanitizer available throughout the centre. Please use before, during and after your visit to the centre.
  • Cleaning spray and paper towels are provided. Please wipe down touch surfaces after play (e.g. door handles, personal equipment).


  • Players must bring their own equipment (racket, ball, filled water bottle).  There will be no Squash equipment hire available.
  • Any bags must be stored carefully at the front of the court you are playing on.


  • Squash coaches must follow Squash Wales guidance for coaching activity all times.


First Aid & Emergencies

  • If you require first aid or staff assistance, please see Reception, or call us on 0300 300 3123.