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Cardio & Free-weights gym

Cardio & Free Weights Gym

At Sport Wales National Centre we have both a Cardio and a Free-weights gym, members have access to both gyms during their visit. Our gyms have a mix of Life fitness and Forman machines. 

Machines available 

Cardio GymFree-Weights Gym
Seated Upright BikeDual Cable Pulley 
X5 TreadmillsLat Pulldown/Rear Row 
X2 AtomX WattbikeLeg Press 
1kg – 10kg Dumbbells Leg Extension 
X2 Concept 2 RowersLeg Curl 
X4 Cross-trainersSeated rear row 
Assisted Pull Up MachineX5 Adjustable Bench
Dual Cable Pulley 2.5kg – 37.5kg - Dumbbells
Leg Press X2 Lifting cage 
Abdominal RotationX2 Lifting platform 
Hip Adduction Wattbike
Hip AbductionPreacher curl
Leg Curl Smith Machine
Back PulleyFlat bench press
Adjustable BenchDecline bench press
 Rear row
 Kettle Bell's


In order to use the Cardio or Free-weights gym you have to be a member of the Sport Wales National Centre. All members must complete a gym induction prior to using the gym.  

Age Restrictions 

Cardio/Free Weights Gym - 14-15 years must be accompanied by a (18+) Member. No under 14’s.

Fitness Classes - 14-15 years must be accompanied by a (16+) responsible person. No under 14’s.

Cardio Gym

Cardio Gym June 22 1
Cardio Gym
Cardio Gym June 22 2
Cardio Gym
Cardio Gym June 22 3
Cardio Gym

Free-Weights Gym

Free-weights June 22 1
Free-weights Gym
Free-weights Gym
Free-weights June 22 2