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What is the Sport Wales Institute?

The Sport Wales Institute is a team of professionals, from across lots of disciplines, working together to help Welsh athletes achieve success on the world stage - as well as in their lives outside sport.

Our team is made up of science & medicine practitioners and performance advisors, together with assistants from the Welsh Institute of Performance Science (WIPS). 

Our practitioners have worked all over the world, at major multi-sport games and at international training camps. Providing support to national governing bodies of sport, the team’s work helped Wales achieve its most successful Commonwealth Games ever in 2018 when it returned home with 36 medals – 10 gold,12 silver and 14 bronze.

The team also support British athletes on UK Sport World Class Programmes based in Wales, or when they return to Wales, to deliver at Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

The Sport Wales Institute - Our Services

Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft Tissue Therapy is the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of the soft tissues of the body…

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Performance Physiotherapy

Our Sport Physiotherapists are instrumental in an athlete’s preparation. They work collaboratively within…

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Performance Physiology

Performance physiology is the science of how physical exercise changes the structure and function of…

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Performance Psychology

We have a dedicated and passionate team of Performance Psychologists working with sports to enable athletes,…

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Performance Nutrition

What is Performance Nutrition?Our overarching aim as a performance nutrition team is to help athletes…

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Strength and Conditioning

The purpose of strength and conditioning is to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury through…

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Sports Medicine Consultancy

Our sports medicine doctors are experts in the management of general illness as well as the medical…

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Performance Lifestyle

Our dedicated team of Performance Lifestyle advisors work with athletes to support their personal and…

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Performance Analysis

Our team of Performance Analysts provide objective information to coaches and athletes that helps them…

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Our approach

Our approach is to treat every individual as a person, before they are an athlete or champion. While winning is important, wellbeing and welfare comes first.

We have the same philosophy for ourselves and our staff. We invest in personal development to support the growth of every individual to ultimately deliver a better service for Welsh sport. 

All our disciplines – psychology, physiology, nutrition, strength and conditioning, physiotherapy, performance lifestyle, performance analysis, sports medicine – work together closely to ensure our work is holistic.



We run an annual Student Internship placement programme for those undertaking relevant postgraduate education. Our programme usually runs from October to August. If you would like to apply to be part of our next cohort, please speak to your postgraduate course lead.

For job vacancies, please visit our recruitment pages where you can sign up for job alerts.

Please note we are not able to offer work experience.

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