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Colegau Cymru

ColegauCymru are an education charity which promotes the public benefit of further education in Wales. They believe that all learners have the right to world-class education, delivered in a safe, diverse and inclusive setting and within a sector which supports the wider community, employers and the economy.

What are the main aims of ColegauCymru?

Specifically relating to the Active Wellbeing project, ColegauCymru’s vision is ‘Active Colleges, Active Lives, Active Wales.’ Their mission isto enhance the emotional, social & physical well-being of the College community through Active Wellbeing.

This involves supporting an active, healthy and sustainable college community, helping to create an active workforce which is fit for future employment, and enabling Welsh College sporting pathways to thrive and support the aspirations of talented learners.

How does ColegauCymru’s work help Sport Wales to achieve an Active Nation? 

In partnership with Sport Wales, ColegauCymru are the lead organisation for sport, physical activity and volunteering activities in colleges in Wales. The Active Well-being project remains closely linked to Sport Wales priority areas, raising participation, increasing volunteering and the workforce, and tackling inequalities.

With 12 further education colleges in Wales and approximately 45,000 learners in the 16-19 age group, ColegauCymru have direct access to deliver their Active Wellbeing project to 5,000-6,000 learners per year. 

Project delivery is aimed at “less active” populations with a focus on young women and girls. All projects are inclusive involving learners with disability. Colleges engage learners from a diverse range of backgrounds in activity with regional and local variations dependant on local populations.

How can ColegauCymru support the wider network of partners in our united Vision for Sport?

ColegauCymru provide a direct access to the further education sector via existing contacts and ongoing products. 

Their partners in the sport sector are engaged with ColegauCymru to develop new coach education, coaching and workforce opportunities. They influence national, regional and local stakeholders about the benefits and opportunities that come with their Activity Wellbeing project.

Examples of ColegauCymru’s work

Active Wellbeing Strategy

Young Ambassadors Programme

Influence, Innovate, Utilise, Embrace – Raising the profile of Active Wellbeing in FE Colleges

Get in touch with ColegauCymru

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Twitter: @ColegauCymru
Facebook: @CollegesWales
Instagram: @Colegau.Cymru