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BME Sport Cymru (WCVA)

BME Sport Cymru is a strategic partnership between WCVA and a network of delivery and supporting partners.

This is an initiative designed to make it easier for BME communities to engage with sport in Wales. The project is funded by Sport Wales and is led by WCVA.

What are the main aims of BME Sport Cymru?

The BME Sport Cymru project was set up in 2016 to support a sustainable approach to BME sports participation, with 3 main priorities:

  1. Increase BME participation in sport
  2. Build capacity for BME engagement in sport
  3. Tackle inequality

It aims to make sports clubs more welcoming and inclusive for people from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds by offering guidance to help increase knowledge and awareness of barriers.

How does BME Sport Cymru’s work help Sport Wales to achieve an Active Nation?

BME Sport Cymru helps increase BME participation in Welsh sport by supporting organisations to work with minority ethnic communities.

The project works by offering guidance on how to make sports clubs more welcoming and inclusive for people from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds. 

Training and workshops are also delivered to increase knowledge, awareness of barriers and how to engage with different BME groups.

How can BME Sport Cymru support the wider network of partners in our united Vision for Sport?

WCVA is the national membership body for the voluntary organisations in Wales while BME Sport Cymru works closely with DSW, Streetgames, Newport live and EYST.

BME Sport Cymru supports NBGs, clubs, leisure facilities and other sporting providers with insight and learning on engaging with diverse communities and how to make services accessible for those ethnic and religious groups. 

Therefore, the diverse communities are also benefit indirectly from this.

WCVA facilitates a number of networks which aims to bring together people from the sector to discuss issues under specific themes.

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Examples of BME Sport Cymru’s work

BME Sport Cymru - Splott Superstars Netball Club
WCVA’s BME Sport Cymru project

Get in touch with BME Sport Cymru

Email: Rajma Begum - [javascript protected email address]

Social Media: @BMESportCymru