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Protect Grant

We want to protect community clubs and organisations that are at immediate financial risk and need support.

Applicants requiring emergency funding due to their sport not being able to return to activity are able to apply for Protect funding, so long as they have not accessed the fund in the previous three month period. An applicant can apply to cover costs for up to 3 months from their date of submission (or dating back no further than 19th December). We have taken the decision to keep the fund open indefinitely in response to the challenges faced during the pandemic, and so this fund does not have a closing date at present. 

The minimum grant is £300, while the maximum you will be able to apply for is £5,000. 

Important: The Protect Grant is able to support clubs and activities in their response to damage caused by the recent storms in Wales. 

Who We'll Fund

The Be Active Wales Fund is available to not-for-profit sport clubs and organisations delivering community sport and physical activity.

These organisations include:

  • Local not-for-profit sports clubs. if you require clarification on the definition of ‘not-for-profit’ and the status of your club, organisation or group, please contact your governing body or contact Sport Wales on
  • Voluntary and community sector organisations that deliver or enable sport and/or physical activity, including organisations that are not solely or primarily sports organisations and have an important role to play in keeping people active, that may need support for other parts of their organisation to remain open.
  • Small charitable trusts that do not qualify for financial help elsewhere.
  • Regional bodies at risk of financial hardship.

What We’ll Fund

The fund has been developed to help community sport and physical activity organisations that are unable to meet their financial obligations. For example, for fixed costs that are no longer supported with revenue as a result of coronavirus. 

This might cover expenditure on:

  • Rent
  • Utility costs
  • Insurances
  • Facility or equipment hire (where there is a fixed cost)
  • Activities or costs that cannot be covered by Government funding sources

We would expect applicants to have exhausted other sources of funding, in particular the emergency sources of funding and support being provided by Welsh Government or UK Government.

Applicants who have already received Emergency Relief Fund support cannot apply again for help to cover those costs they have already been funded for.

Who We Can’t Fund

The Be Active Wales Fund is designed to help grassroots sport and physical activity providers. This means we're not able to support the following organisations with this fund:

  • Local authorities, including town and parish councils
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Commercial sport and physical activity providers, e.g. private gyms
  • Leisure operators
  • Individuals who are either employed or self-employed within the sport and physical activity sector.
  • The Be Active Wales Fund will not support organisations/clubs linked to educational establishments. For example, university teams or upgrading of education facilities.

Any organisation or individuals who can access support through the government’s financial packages should do so in the first instance. 

What can’t I apply for?

The Be Active Wales Fund will not cover:

  • Costs covered by other Government funding sources, such as Furlough.
  • Major capital works outside of measures needed to be put in place to Prepare for restart. The Be Active Wales Fund is focused on dealing with challenges as a result of the Coronavirus lockdown and guidance.

Case Studies 

Here you will find some examples of projects given emergency support, which might help your application. 

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You’re nearly ready to start your application. By now you will have:

  • Read through the information about the Be Active Wales Fund.
  • Studied the Help Centre so that you know what you need to apply.
  • Visited Club Solutions for additional help and support available to your club or organisation.

If you still have a question or query about the Be Active Wales Fund or your application, contact us at

Note: If you are a football club or organisation, you will need to complete the FAW COVID-19 Impact Survey prior to applying to the Be Active Wales Fund. The information included in the survey will enable the FAW to understand the impact of COVID-19 on your club and review your future plans in order to assess whether an application through the Be Active Wales Fund would be appropriate. Contact Kevin Moon at for more information.