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An update on grants, investments and support for community clubs

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What grants and funding are available for community sport clubs and not-for-profit groups?

Sport Wales has two funding opportunities available:

1. Be Active Wales Fund. This is a grant of between £300 and £50,000 to help you get more people participating, or to help you keep people taking part at your club or activity into the future. 

2. A Place for Sport (utilising crowdfunding) This is a match-funding opportunity for improvements you want to make at your club or activity that aren’t directly related to getting people playing or taking part.

Does the Be Active Wales Fund still have ‘protect’ and ‘progress’?

No. Now that Covid restrictions have been removed we’ve taken these options away to make it easier for applicants. From now on there will only be one Be Active Wales Fund application, which will cover everything we support.

In an emergency – the recent storms being one example – we’ll add additional support for clubs.

Is ‘A Place for Sport’ continuing?

Yes. Sport Wales will be continuing its partnership with Crowdfunder.

The pilot project has produced some very encouraging results. In the same way that Sport England found increased community engagement and more money coming into sport.

So far through the fund an additional £124,210 has been raised for community projects on top of the £66,500 of funding that Sport Wales has provided.  This means that, for every £1 Sport Wales is providing, clubs in Wales are securing an additional £1.86. Also, more than 1,300 individuals have so far pledged to a Sport Wales Crowdfunder project, growing both the awareness and support for our funding, but more importantly helping to ensure clubs are truly engaging with their communities.

Will Community Chest and Development Grants be coming back?

No. The Be Active Wales Fund and A Place for Sport are the two funding opportunities available through Sport Wales. Items that were funded by those previous grants – such as coaching costs , equipment for new participants, facility development, pitch maintenance etc – can all be accessed through the Be Active Wales Fund and A Place for Sport. These two funds even go further and support items we previously would not have funded – such as level 2 coaching qualifications now able to be funding by the Be Active Wales Fund.

How you can help?

You can help us by promoting our grants and funding directly to your audiences using our toolkit below. We’re also asking you to help us reach and engage with the clubs who are less likely to have heard about our funding through traditional means of communication from Sport Wales.

A collection of assets has been created to help you promote the funds, including:

  • Email template
  • Email footer
  • Social media graphics