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Sport Wales Strategy

We want to unleash the benefits of sport on everyone in Wales. To do that, we know that we cannot stand still. Sport in Wales needs to keep moving.

That’s why we have developed the strategy Enabling Sport in Wales to Thrive. It’s been created with the help of people from every part of Wales. We have been listening to a diverse set of voices and it is clear there is a need for change.

Our Vision is of a Wales where everyone is active. From those who don’t think of themselves as sporty to those who win gold medals.


What we want to achieve

Within our strategy, we have outlined six levels of strategic intent that will shape the way Sport Wales works in the future:

1. TO BE PERSON CENTRED: The needs and motivations of the individual lead the delivery, whether just starting out, aiming to progress or striving for excellence on the world stage.

2. TO GIVE EVERY YOUNG PERSON A GREAT START: Every young person has the skills, confidence and motivation to enable them to enjoy and progress through sport; giving them foundations to lead an active, healthy and enriched life.

3. TO ENSURE EVERYONE HAS THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE ACTIVE THROUGH SPORT: Sport is inclusive and provides a great experience for all.

4. TO BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER FOR THE LONG-TERM: There is a collaborative, sustainable and successful sports sector, led by collective insight and learning.

5. TO SHOWCASE THE BENEFITS OF SPORT: The impact of sport is evidenced, and sport’s reach is fully understood, valued, showcased and celebrated throughout Wales.

6. TO BE A HIGHLY VALUED ORGANISATION: Sport Wales is a respected organisation, striving to over achieve by delivering a first class service through our valued staff.

How we are changing

  • Our approach is changing. We want to continue to learn, understand and explore.
  • We will strive to be more flexible so that we can respond more quickly to the changing needs and motivations of the people of Wales and its communities.
  • We will be investing our resources differently, seeking out and encouraging effective collaborations which have the potential to create far-reaching and deeper impact
  • We will continue to work with our current partners but we are open to working with different types of organisations too
  • We will gather evidence to continually improve what we do

We are evolving and we would love you to join us on the journey towards a happier, healthier, sportier Wales.


If you have any feedback or would like more information, please contact

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