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Physical Literacy

Our objective is simple – that every person is Wales is Physically Literate. What is Physical Literacy? Physical Skills + Confidence + Motivation + Knowledge + Understanding = Physical Literacy

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Play to Learn

Play to Learn is our approach to encouraging children aged 3-7 to learn key movement skills.

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Dragon Multi-Skills & Sport

Dragon Multi-Skills & Sport is designed to help children feel confident and competent to play and enjoy a wide range of sports.

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We want everyone, including children, parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches and young leaders to play their part in the physical literacy journey.

Schools are hugely important to this this work as they play such a vital role in the development of young people and can influence what goes on beyond the school gate. However, education cannot achieve this alone as physical literacy is a lifelong journey for every individual. Everyone is unique with different life experiences, environments and contributors along the way. 

The role of Sport Wales as an organisation is to help bring the right people together to make a real difference across all communities in Wales.


As well as developing resources, we invest in partners such as local authorities to develop sport in school and the links with the local community. 

We also collect research and insight, including our renowned School Sport Survey.

While we work with the Youth Sport Trust to run the Young Ambassadors programme in Wales.

We also work with the further education and higher education sectors, including our partnership with Colleges Wales.


We are working closely with Welsh Government on the sporting elements of the new curriculum.

The curriculum, currently under construction, will be physical literacy informed. Developed by the teaching profession for the teaching profession, with support from experts in their respected fields, the Health and Well-Being Area of Learning and Experience when completed will be a world-leading example of how physical literacy can be operationalised within education, providing a foundation for learning for those aged 3-16. 

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