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Play to Learn

Whether it’s Maths, English or Physical Development, children learn through play during the Foundation Phase. 

Play to Learn is our approach to encouraging children aged 3-7 to learn key movement skills.

We believe that encouraging physical development at an early age is crucial to fostering a lifelong enjoyment or sport and a healthier nation.

Physical development (or physical literacy) is about encouraging the growth of motor skills – such as running, jumping, catching and kicking – as well as smaller, fine manipulative skills such as block building and handwriting.

Helping children to develop energy and enthusiasm for movement gives them confidence and a great start in life. It provides a solid foundation for children to continue in their sporting journey – the next step of which is Dragon Sport Multi-Skills and Sport.

Who can use Play to Learn?

Play to learn can be used by anyone – parents, health professionals, nursery staff. Play to Learn includes:

  • Imaginative story books which encourage children to act out creative movements at home - from jumping waves at the seaside to catching dragon eggs
  • Skill cards to help children practice movements such as star jumps, running and under arm throwing
  • A suite of 16 fun games, ideally suited for this age-group, so that children can put all their new skills into action

How can I get the Play to Learn resources?

Citbag is an online learning hub to help give young people the skills, confidence, and sporting experiences for a lifelong enjoyment of sport. 

We have resources for:

  • teachers
  • coaches
  • volunteers
  • parents or guardians
  • learners

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