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What is a Young Ambassador?

Currently, there are more than 4000 Young Ambassadors in schools, colleges and universities across Wales. Keen to make a difference in local communities and at a national level, they create and deliver opportunities for their peers and even adults to be physically active through sport.

In turn, the programme is providing young people with confidence and skills to be the sporting leaders of the future.

The work of Young Ambassadors involves:

  • being the young person's voice for PE and School Sport in their school and community
  • promoting the positive values of sport
  • acting as a role model and champion for PE and school sport
  • developing ideas and creating sporting so that more young people have the chance to experience the benefits of an active lifestyle

The Young Ambassador programme in Wales is run in partnership between Sport Wales, Youth Sport Trust and the sport development team in each Local Authority. It is funded by the National Lottery.

To find out what being a Young Ambassador means to young people in Wales check out this film (external link).

 The Young Ambassador Pathway

There are four different levels to the Young Ambassador pathway in Wales:

  • Bronze Young Ambassadors, typically primary school students in Years 5 & 6
  • Silver Young Ambassadors, typically secondary school students 
  • Gold Young Ambassadors, typically secondary school, college or university students
  • Platinum Young Ambassadors, the most experienced Young Ambassadors, some of which sit on our National Steering Group

Success so far

We know from talking to our Young Ambassadors what a difference they are making. Every year, we are impressed by their commitment and creativity to help deliver a more physical, healthier nation.

In 2018 we conducted a survey. We were pleased to hear that of the Young Ambassadors surveyed:

  • 93% felt that they had increased opportunities for other young people to do sport and physical activity
  • the majority reported that the programme helped to give them a young person’s voice on sport; and 95% of respondents also felt that the programme helped them to become a confident role model for other young people
  • almost an average of nine hours a month is spent volunteering within their school or college with a further eight hours in a community setting
  • 98% felt the programme helped them develop their leadership and communication skills
  • an incredible 93% said the programme helped to increase their aspirations (48% stated it helped a lot and 45% stated it helped a bit). 96% thought it would help / has helped them when they leave school, for example in further education, work or other volunteering opportunities 

The full report is available here.

Latest Developments

We are always looking at ways to develop and improve the Young Ambassador programme.  Here is what’s in the pipeline:

  • Further Education Young Ambassadors (FEYAs) – Young Ambassadors based in colleges across Wales
  • Higher Education Young Ambassadors (HEYAs) – Young Ambassadors in universities and are a part of the Student Union. This is already up and running at Cardiff Met University, and we would love to see it rolled out in other areas
  • Young Ambassador Alumni – Young people that have been a part of the programme and want to continue to show support


National opportunities to shape the Young Ambassador programme

It’s important that young people are at the very heart of decision-making. We want more children and young people to be active through sport – so it makes sense that we need insight and involvement from young people themselves. 

That’s why a National Young Ambassador Steering Group and National Leadership Academy are in place to help shape the programme. 

The steering group meets around five times a year, which includes three National Leadership Academy residential weekends. 

At these meetings, we plan and organise the annual National Young Ambassador Conference, strive to achieve a common vision, improve the programme across Wales and influence national decisions around sport and physical activity that affect other young people’s lives. Applications for the National Young Ambassador Programme and National Leadership Academy open towards the end of every academic year. Please keep an eye out on our twitter page for more information.

Count your volunteering hours 

We want to make sure that our Young Ambassadors are recognised for their volunteering commitment. After all, they are making sure young people in Wales get a great start when it comes to sport.

Young Ambassadors can clock their volunteering hours withthe Vol Hours app. Itis easy to use and access. If your school o rlocal sport development officer have not seen this before then get them to check it out here.

How to become a Young Ambassador

Young Ambassadors are recruited by local authority sports development teams together with schools and colleges. 

If you would like to be considered for the Young Ambassador programme, please discuss with your school or college PE department.