About Play to Learn

Play to Learn is made up of:

  • Three stories: Megan and the Baby Dragon, The Beach Party and Planet Play
  • Skill Cards that give information on how each skill should be done
  • Play Games Cards that give children the chance to put their skills into action in a fun and exciting way

Your child may be using Play to Learn in their school. 

Getting the most out of Play to Learn

We want you to help your child improve their Physical Development and Creative movement skills. 

You can do this by:

  • Using the stories
  • Or by helping them practise their skills
  • Or by helping them to play some of the games

Most of the skills and games can be practised in a relatively small space, using a variety of household objects. Your child can practise the skills and games by themselves. And it doesn’t matter which order your child uses the resources.

More about the resources

We’ve made these resources available for use at school, in the home or any setting that can help young people improve their physical skills.

The resources have been developed in partnership with education specialists and national governing bodies of sport.

Full Play to Learn packs – including all resource cards and equipment - can be purchased from Sport Wales.

Email communications@sport.wales for more details.

Use the Play to Learn Resources

Now it's time to use the Play to Learn resources. You should:

  1. Read a Story
  2. Try the Games. There are different levels for you to progress so you can help improve your child's skills.

Physical Literacy

Our objective is simple – that every person is Wales is Physically Literate. What is Physical Literacy? Physical Skills + Confidence + Motivation + Knowledge + Understanding = Physical Literacy

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