Who is eligible for Elite Cymru support?

Changes to the Elite Cymru programme occurred in 2006 when UK Sport took responsibility for the funding of Olympic and Paralympic sports through the UK Pathway system.

Elite Cymru covers individual athletes competing in non-Olympic & non-Paralympic sports (e.g. karate, motorsports), Commonwealth Games sports such as bowls, shooting and squash (2 years prior to the Games) or sports that medal on a world level such as golf.

Elite Cymru aligns itself in the main with the other home countries in terms of what it supports e.g. Sport England, Sport Scotland etc.


Those competing in team sports are not eligible for Elite Cymru support. 

Please also note that our funding year runs from April to March, so please ensure that your application is submitted prior to 1st April in order for us to process all applications received in a timely manner.

Application requirements

General standards for Elite Cymru support are:

  • At least no 1. in Wales in age group and discipline, plus
  • As a rough guide at least no 3 in UK with a significant European and / or World ranking - BUT we look at each sport and application on its own merit and specific entry standards for consideration have been agreed with each National Governing Body in order to tie in with other Home Countries.

How to apply

You can apply for an Elite Cymru grant by invitation only.  Your National Governing Body will inform Sport Wales of their Elite Athletes eligible for Elite Cymru funding and Sport Wales will invite those Athletes to apply for funding via email.  If you believe you are eligible for Elite Cymru funding and have not been invited, then please contact your National Governing Body click here for details https://wsa.wales/membership/directory/ or contact Wendy Yardley at Sport Wales using  wendy.yardley@sport.wales.

Once you have been invited via email then you can apply online by clicking on the "Apply Online" button below - this will take you in to the Sport Wales Grants Portal.  Follow the details on how to log in (which will be provided in your invitation email) and then click on the Elite Cymru funding round to start your application.

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