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Be Active Wales Fund

It’s one of the most challenging times ever for sport in Wales.

We are standing by you, and we’re committed to supporting Welsh sport and physical activity in any way we can.

We want to Protect and Prepare what we see as the most valuable assets in our communities – the clubs and community organisations or groups that help people be active and take part in sport.

The Be Active Wales Fund will invest £4million in community and grassroots sport to help restart activity.

What the Be Active Wales Fund will support

The Be Active Wales Fund has two main purposes:



To protect clubs and community organisations or groups that are at immediate financial risk and need support.

Grants of £300-£5,000 are available for emergency support.

Providing financial support to help prepare clubs and community organisations or groups to restart, respond to, or grow participation, in direct response to Covid-19.

You will find detailed guidance about these two areas as you continue reading. 

Grants of £300-£50,000 are available to prepare your club or organisation. You will need to make a 15% contribution for grants over £5,000, which could be from the club's own funds, or grants from elsewhere.

Given the challenges of the Coronavirus regulations for sport and physical activity, grant funding is aimed at responding to the challenges of restarting (and NOT a general development grant to make changes at your club or activity).


Are you eligible for the fund? 

Check out the Be Active Wales fund flowchart to decide whether the Be Active Wales fund is right for your club. 

Sources of Help

We have several sources of help that can guide you with your application. 

The Help Centre 

We have a dedicated resource full of useful questions and answers to help you through the application process. You should read the sections in the Help Centre before starting your application.

You should also visit the Help Centre if you have a question. 

In the Help Centre you can:

  • Search for an answer to a question you have.
  • Browse the different topics and questions.
  • Create an account to manage your queries and searches.

You can click the ‘Help’ button on the bottom of the webpage at any time to search for an answer or contact us.

More Help


Club Solutions is our resource to support volunteers and clubs in Wales. It contains advice to help clubs run effectively and grow, which could be useful in your application.

Club Solutions is also referenced through the application form.

If you are approved a grant of more than £5,000 you will need to complete a Club Solutions club assessment (within the last year) in order for the funds to be released to you. 


There are different organisations that can provide support to you.

We would strongly recommend seeking help and guidance from your governing body or local authority’s sport development department.

Watch our Information Films

More information about the Be Active Wales Fund and what we will fund.Some help on the Be Active Wales Fund application and how to apply.

Making Your Application

You’re now ready to proceed to more detail about the Be Active Wales Fund.

The £4million of funding has been made possible through money Sport Wales receives from Welsh Government and the National Lottery.

Follow the links to find out more about Protect and Prepare. The link to the application form can be found on these pages.

If you already have a Sport Wales Grant Application Account, you can find a link here.

*Unfortunately, we are only able to deal with enquiries via email at the present time, with no phone service available.

Click on ‘Protect My Club’ or ‘Prepare My Club’ below for MORE INFORMATION AND TO MAKE AN APPLICATION

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