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In this section you will find a range of resources and links relevant for current partners of Sport Wales.

Resources for Current Partners

Board Diversity

We believe it is important that our decision-makers are drawn from different backgrounds with different experiences, reflecting the communities we serve.

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Governance and Leadership Framework

By the Sector for the SectorWe want the sports sector in Wales to be strong and sustainable. That’s why – together with the sector – we have developed the Governance and Leadership Framework.It is designed to help organisations of all types and sizes…

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Further Education Survey

We are committed to unleashing the benefits of sport to everyone. That’s why, in 2015, we decided to gather the sporting views of Further Education students across Wales. The aim? To help us understand how students access and participate in sport…

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Sport and Active Lifestyle Survey

About the National Survey for WalesThe National Survey for Wales (NSW) is a nationally representative household survey targeted at adults (ages 16 and over). The NSW involves around 12,000 people each year and covers a wide range of topics. It runs…

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Social Return on Investment in Sport

For every £1 invested in sport in Wales there is a return of £2.88, according to the report.

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Free Swimming Initiative

What is the Free Swimming Initiative in Wales? Free Swimming in Wales was first launched in 2003. It was the first national free swimming programme in Wales. The aim? To get more young people (aged 16 and under) and over 60s learning to swim and…

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