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Board Diversity

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Supporting Diversity on Boards

We believe it is important that our decision-makers are from different backgrounds with different experiences, reflecting the communities we serve, and we are committed to supporting the Welsh sport sector achieve diversity within their boards.

Why should our boards be diverse?

We are striving to build a diverse and inclusive sports sector in Wales that provides equality of opportunity in sport. We want to see diversity within our infrastructures and are passionate about tackling inequality.

There is clear evidence to suggest that diverse organisations are able to respond to a wider range of factors, are able to give greater consideration to stakeholder requirements and ultimately make better informed decisions. 

Diverse organisations are good for business - in all sectors, not just sport. 

Gender balanced boards

In 2018, the Sport Wales Board agreed a policy objective for all Sport National Governing Bodies and National Partners to achieve gender parity on their Boards. 

Gender parity, according to the EU Commission's definition is at least 40% women or men. 

We recognise that gender is not the only diverse characteristic that needs to be considered but it is an area where – as a sector - we need to accelerate progress. 

Governance and Leadership Framework

The aspiration for our boards to be more diverse is reflected in Principle 4 of the Governance and Leadership Framework. 

We have seen significant progress being made by organisations within the sector since the Framework’s publication, with great strides made towards achieving well-balanced, skilled and inclusive boards. 

Who can help?

A number of sector-wide events have focussed on Board Diversity and have highlighted the range of partners that can provide support in this area. These include independent consultants as well as organisations such as Acorn Recruitment, BME Sport Cymru, Welsh Sports Association, Chwarae Teg, Inclusive Boards, Women's Equality Network Wales & Vibrant Nation.

If Sport Wales partners are looking to explore the area of Board Diversity further, there are many great resources and information available from the Sports Governance Academy found here. Alternatively, please reach out to the Governance Team at [javascript protected email address]