Governance and Leadership Framework

The aspiration for our boards to be more diverse is reflected in Principle 4 of the Governance and Leadership Framework. 

We have seen significant progress being made by organisations within the sector since the Framework’s publication, with great strides made towards achieving well-balanced, skilled and inclusive boards. 

Tailored support is currently available for all GLFW beneficiaries through Vibrant Nation.

Who can help?

A number of sector-wide events have focussed on Board Diversity and have highlighted the range of partners that can provide support in this area. These include independent consultants as well as organisations such as Acorn Recruitment, BME Sport Cymru, Welsh Sports Association, Chwarae Teg, Inclusive Boards, Women's Equality Network Wales & Vibrant Nation.


After consulting and gathering feedback from the sector, Sport Wales has developed a range of resources.

The resources are designed to be used by all sporting organisations that strive for a balanced, skilled and inclusive board:

The Business Case for Board Diversity

Recruitment Guidance

Recruitment Guidance - Tools and Templates

Case Study - Birmingham FA

Case Study - The Great British Diversity Experiment

Case Study - Welsh Triathlon

Case Study - Welsh Rowing