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Governance and Leadership Framework

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By the Sector for the Sector

We want the sports sector in Wales to be strong and sustainable. That’s why – together with the sector – we have developed the Governance and Leadership Framework.

It is designed to help organisations of all types and sizes develop solid structures and develop high quality leadership behaviours so that it is well equipped to be the best it can be.

The Framework was first introduced in 2015 but was reviewed in 2019 to ensure it is up to date with political shifts and policy changes.

What is the Governance and Leadership Framework?

It has seven principles and key behaviours which should be used by boards to help lead an organisation. By adopting the Framework, you can more easily benchmark your progress and continually improve.

It is designed to be flexible and simple to improve business practices and leadership. It is intended to be supportive in day-to-day work, improving the way in which organisations operate.

You can download the Framework.

Capability Framework.

Sport Wales has a responsibility to ensure that public money is invested appropriately.  The capability component of the Investment Model ensures that Sport Wales can have confidence in the organisations that it funds, and it enables Sport Wales to support partners with their continuous governance improvement.

Developed with partners, the capability framework aims to support organisations with their continuous improvement, while ensuring that public money is invested responsibly.

The Capability Framework – which is aligned to the Governance and Leadership Framework for Wales (GLFW) 2019 – is built around key governance areas and focuses on the importance of behaviours, ethics and integrity within an organisation.

The Capability Framework takes a risk-based approach with headline principles tailored to offer bespoke and proportionate support which is relevant to organisations of all sizes.