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It takes a big effort to help sport in Wales thrive.

From the volunteers who give up their time so that others can take part.

The leisure centres, gyms and swimming pools that are hubs of local communities.

The administrators, coaches and PE teachers, without whom there wouldn’t be sport.

The sporting family is vast and Sport Wales works with lots of organisations and bodies to help support a significant amount of this activity.



Supported with investment, as well as guidance on things like governance or sporting policy, current partners include local authorities, national governing bodies of sport and others such as Streetgames, Urdd and Colleges Wales.

We also realise that if we’re going to help everyone have a lifelong enjoyment of sport, we need more help. We’re looking for new partners who can help with our work for mutual benefit. We have a lot to offer and we want to be innovative to get people active.

In this section you’ll find resources if you’re a partner or want to find out more about the opportunities to work with us.

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