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The rewards Holyhead Rugby Club designed to create a successful Crowdfunder

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If you’re thinking of turning to Crowdfunder to raise money for your sports club, it’s worth getting creative with the rewards you offer.

Just take a look at what Holyhead Rugby Club has achieved, raising more than £15,000 to update their changing rooms, including £6,000 from Sport Wales ‘A Place for Sport’ fund.

Crowdfunding is a great way to raise money for projects, by encouraging the local community to support you financially. 

When people pledge money to support your Crowdfunder, they can receive a reward for their donation. You can offer incentives, so donors get a little something in return.

And it’s a good idea to get creative and really connect with your local community. 

Here are some of the rewards that Holyhead Rugby Club offered.

Cleaning up local beaches 

In return for a donation of more than £50, the women’s team rolled up their sleeves to spend two hours picking up litter at a beach of the supporter’s choice. This reward was selected four times and Trearddur Bay near Holyhead was selected every single time. 

Club Chair Leanne Robinson says: “It’s by far the most popular beach here so we do see quite a bit of rubbish. It was good to do our bit to keep it clean.”

Volunteering at a local community project

The women’s team at Holyhead was also on hand to support community projects, in whatever way possible. They offered to contribute at least 10 person hours to a project in return for a donation of £100. 

They were ready for anything, making themselves available to paint and decorate, mow grass or dig flowerbeds. In the end, they put down the paintbrushes and spades and picked up the rugby balls. They were asked by a local Girl Guiding group to run rugby-themed sessions for Rainbows and Brownies. And they are set to go back and do more.

Washing cars

The team was also happy to get its hands dirty (or clean?) and offered to wash a car for a donation of £25 or more. This reward was quite popular and was selected quite a few times. 

Other popular offers

The club also offered branded beanie hats and fleeces which were popular with members wanting to wrap up this winter. 

And lots of people who donated to the good cause also just selected a simple thank you message on social media as a reward.

Find out what else you can offer as a reward on Crowdfunder.

The women from Holyhead Rugby Club with bin bags full of litter after cleaning a beach
A successful beach clean at Trearddur Bay!

Has it been a success?

The club has hit their target and that means Sport Wales has also stepped in with £6,000 from our ’A Place for Sport’ fund. Work is due to start on the new changing rooms in just a few weeks.

In terms of community, the Crowdfunder has also been a big success story. From beach cleans to volunteering at local fun days, the club has been a real positive force in the area. 

Club Chair Leanne Robinson said: “We’ve loved making a difference but it has also made us more visible in the community. People have seen us out and about, doing good things for the community, and that helps with recruitment.  And we are very grateful for the support that our community has given.“

What did Sport Wales say?

We love the way in which Holyhead Rugby Club are using its Crowdfunder campaign for the power of good in Anglesey. The women’s team has really rolled up their sleeves to clean up beaches and contribute to community projects. Da iawn!

Read Crowdfunder's guide to creating rewards

What is crowdfunding and ‘A Place for Sport’? 

Sport Wales’A Place for Sport’ fund, in partnership with Crowdfunder, supports community clubs raising money for ‘off-field' facilities. Clubs or organisations connect with the local community to raise money through crowdfunding. When a target is reached, Sport Wales pledges a percentage of the total in match-funding. 

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