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How to get a sports camera for your club?

Did you know that you can get an automatic sports camera for your sports club with support from Sport Wales?

Automatic video cameras are becoming all the rage with community sports clubs everywhere. And now, these strange looking devices have been popping up alongside pitches and courts across Wales.

You don’t need a full camera crew or your own series on Disney to get footage of your sports club. With your own camera, you can film matches and training sessions to look back on and analyse. You can even share your clips and highlights on social media.

Community clubs who are looking for new ways to engage their players or to modernise their approach are buying these automatic 180° cameras and subscribing to analysis packages. But if it’s out of your club’s budget, we can help you get your hands on one of these sought-after gadgets. 

When you raise money for video analysis equipment through Crowdfunder, Sport Wales may support your project with match-funding through our ‘A Place for Sport’ scheme. You could receive a Sport Wales pledge of between 30-50% of your target total when your project gets a quarter of the way to reaching your goal.

So, submit an expression of interest form, set up a Crowdfunding page, engage your community and start raising money for your camera equipment. Here’s our step-by-step guide to help you get started.

Sound too good to be true? Just ask Hendy RFC! They crowdfunded more than £2000 for a Veo Camera for their rugby club, which included a Sport Wales contribution of £600 from our ‘A Place for Sport’ fund. 

What is an automatic sports camera?

An automatic sports camera, like Hendy RFC’s Veo, is a portable camera that uses AI technology to automatically track on-field sports action and record it in high quality video. No need for a camera operator. Just set it up and let the technology do the rest. Even the uploading!

What types of sports can use an automatic sports camera?

All sports can use video analysis equipment but it’s mostly team sports can use a camera with automatic tracking. Here’s a list below to guide you:

  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Basketball
  • Netball
  • Hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • American Football
  • Volleyball
  • Handball

How does a sports camera work?

The camera uses AI technology to automatically detect and follow the ball and displays it in a broadcast view. Using this technology, it can even identify goals, tries or different types of set piece, and label them accordingly. Just set it up, press record and enjoy your match!

Hendy RFC squad in front of a scoreboard after a game.

How can a sports camera benefit my sports club?

Improve coaching standards and training experience

Coaches can look back at performances of their team and identify opportunities for skill and tactical development. With automatically recorded footage, coaches have a visual tool to show their players examples of what they are talking about. This will improve the drills, training sessions and the overall experience at your club. You can even record the training sessions to look back on. It might even reduce a little bit of that backchat you were getting, too!   

Engaging players and participants

That big tackle! That long-range stunner! That magical bit of skill! Looking back at match footage is another way players can engage with their sport and their teammates. In the past, you would have had to rely on memory to recall those special moments or where something could be improved. But now, players can enjoy looking back at footage of themselves and discussing key moments with their teammates and coaches. And there’s nothing quite like sharing a video of your wondergoal in the group chat!

More publicity and exposure

Whether it’s Facebook, TikTok or Twitter, a sports camera gives you access to match footage of your club which you can share across social media. You can share a clip of the best goal from the weekend or create a compilation of all the best tries from the month. Who knows? You could go viral! Some cameras can automatically identify your match highlights and cut the clips for you. More exposure through shareable content and a strong online presence could encourage more people to join your club or try a new sport. 

Offer live streams

You can offer live streams of matches to your club’s supporters. YouTube and Vimeo are great channels to increase your club’s exposure while Facebook has ways you can live stream, too. Maybe you can use your new technology to get more revenue into your club by monetising your live streams with one-off payments or by making it a member-only offer. It doesn’t have to be only locals who get to enjoy your matches. Maybe someone has an interest in your club from afar, the away trip is a bit of a journey, or the weather just isn’t favourable for spectators. Live streams make your club’s matches more accessible for everyone.

Sponsorship opportunities

The increased visibility your club will have with this footage through social media and live streams, could also increase the appeal among local businesses for sponsoring your club. Your club’s engaging match clips and new-found professional image on your social channels can make your club more attractive to potential sponsors. More income for your club means you can continue to offer your sport to your community in Wales.

Have any sports clubs in Wales used Sport Wales funding for a camera?

Yes! Hendy RFC crowdfunded more than £2000 for a Veo Camera, which included a Sport Wales contribution of £600 from our ‘A Place for Sport’ fund.

They said: “Having this Veo camera will help us provide a much more rounded and enriched rugby experience and a massively increased number of learning opportunities for our players. Being able to offer new and exciting experiences for our players would be a major bonus and will hopefully drive new engagement and participation within our community.

“It will also help us accommodate new volunteers who will develop new technological skills. This will help modernise the kind of services and opportunities we can offer to local people in our community hub.”

Why do Sport Wales fund video analysis equipment?

The Sport Wales Investment Team support video analysis equipment through 'A Place for Sport: Crowdfunder', because of the multiple benefits it could bring to a sports club.  

Video analysis equipment has the potential to improve coaching standards, attract new members to a club, improve the off-field experience for players and members, whilst also potentially improving club sustainability, due to the increased appeal of local business sponsorship.

How much does a sports camera cost?

The price varies, depending on the brand and specification of camera. You will also be required to pay a monthly fee as part of a subscription plan to use the camera, store footage and access the editor. Any money raised through your Crowdfunder and Sport Wales ‘A Place for Sport’ project can go towards these.

For example, Hendy RFC raised over £2,000 to get their hands on a Veo Camera and cover the additional costs. Their Veo camera itself cost £999 while the remaining funds raised will contribute to the cost of their subscription.

What camera should I get funding for?

That’s entirely up to you! As long as you can demonstrate how the video technology of choice will benefit your sports club, then we could support your Crowdfunding project through our ‘A Place for Sport’ scheme.

Hendy RFC chose a Veo camera but if you have another sports camera of preference, we could support that.

If your sports club in Wales is interested in purchasing a sports camera with Sport Wales support, follow the steps on how to apply for “A Place for Sport” and complete an Expression of Interest.

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