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How to apply for A Place for Sport x Crowdfunder

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Got a great idea for a Crowdfunder project? Here’s our step-by-step guide for how to apply and start fundraising.

1. Expression of Interest form

You want to make improvements to your club house or facilities? Great! A Place for Sport can help.

Once you’ve got a clear idea of exactly what improvements you’re looking to fund, then you can complete an expression of interest form on our website. This form helps our team understand the aims of the project to best advise you on the next steps. 

An Investment Officer within two working days of your submission. If your project is eligible, you will be invited to apply for A Place for Sport via the Crowdfunder platform.

If your project is better suited to one of our other grants, you will be encouraged to apply for that instead. Should your project be ineligible, feedback will be provided, and you will be informed why it doesn’t meet the criteria.

Complete an Expression of Interest form.

2. Create a Crowdfunder page

Your Crowdfunder campaign page acts as your application. It’s important at this point to include all of the necessary information on this page, so that our team can find all of the information they need – and so can your supporters!

Our top tips for creating a Crowdfunder page:

Include a written description of the project 

  • For anyone coming across your page, it’s important that they know what your project is about and what you’re raising money for. Your description is your opportunity to capture the interest of potential pledgers – so make it count! Tell us who you are, what you’re raising money for and why it’s important.

Include a simple video

  • Including a video on your Crowdfunder page isn’t required, but it’s a really good idea if you want to get more people involved in your project. According to Crowdfunder, a project with a video is 86% more likely to be successful than one without!

Include pictures

  • A picture says a thousand words, and your community want to know who and what they’re funding! Pictures of your club in action and images of the facilities that need improvements make great additions to your funding page.

Decide on your rewards

  • The most exciting part of crowdfunding, you have the option to offer bespoke rewards to people who pledge a particular amount to your project.
  • Holyhead Rugby Club had some great ideas for rewards, including volunteering and beach clean ups! Why not take some inspiration for your own campaign here?

If you need more advice, check out Crowdfunder’s Knowledge Hub here.

Once you’re happy with your page, click on the ‘extra funding’ tab and follow the prompts to apply for Sport Wales ‘A Place for Sport’ funding.  After you’ve answered some brief questions, your application will be submitted to Sport Wales.

We will be notified that you have completed your application and will assess the page to ensure that it’s ready to start crowdfunding.

3. Start fundraising

Your Crowdfunder page is up and running - now for the fun part! It’s time to go out into your community and raise some money for a good cause.

Your ‘crowd’ might include club members, families, fans, or spectators who want to donate and help support your project. You can raise awareness of your campaign at training sessions or over social media, and you could even organise fundraising events like friendly matches, or social events.

Why not get your community involved? Collaborating with local businesses to offer fun and useful rewards means everyone can benefit when pledging to your Crowdfunder. You get a pledge, they get something of worth, and the local business might get a new customer – win, win, win!

If you need any further help, contact the Sport Wales Investments team at

Crowdfunder hold regular ‘Introduction to Crowdfunding’ webinars to show you how you can raise money with a Place for Sport. Sign up for the next FREE webinar here or watch the last webinar back here.

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