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Crowdfunder - Sport Wales Partner Toolkit

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A collaboration with Crowdfunder

Sport Wales has teamed up with Crowdfunder to offer community sports clubs an exciting new way to fund facility improvements. Sport Wales is offering up to £15,000 match funding to support community clubs’ own fundraising efforts.

How does it work?

Clubs and organisations set up a page on the Crowdfunder website, which asks people to pledge money to the cause or idea. Crowdfunder provide support and advice, including a coach to guide them through the process where appropriate. 

The Crowdfunder project is assessed by Sport Wales, who can decide what level of match-funding they’ll be eligible for based on the information they’ve provided.

If the Crowdfunder page has reached certain criteria, Sport Wales will match fund between 30% and 50% of the total, up to a maximum of £15,000 match funding. The percentage Sport Wales will match-fund (30% - 50%) is determined based on a project’s potential to tackle inequalities.

What kind of projects will Sport Wales support?

The A Place for Sport scheme is for not-for-profit clubs and community groups looking to raise money for ‘off-field’ improvements. For example: 

  • Changing rooms
  • Clubhouse renovations
  • Improved kitchen facilities to gain more income
  • Bike racks and storage
  • Lifts and ramps for better disability access
  • Solar panels
  • Generators
  • Boilers
  • New fencing

What support does the fundraiser receive?

Community clubs who are eligible for Sport Wales match funding will also receive a package of training and support to guide them through their Crowdfunder journey. This will help clubs gain the skills and confidence required to help with their future fundraising and community engagement. The package includes:

  • Online webinar events 
  • A bespoke online platform to show people how to crowdfund, and the Sport Wales support available.
  • Access to expert Crowdfunder coaches, where appropriate.
  • An interactive video service to help answer simple Qs.
  • 24/7 Crowdfunder online Help Centre.
  • Plenty of guides on how to plan, create and run a Crowdfunder project.

Why crowdfunding?

The use of crowdfunding is exciting because it will require clubs to engage with their local communities more than ever. This is as much about supporting new skills as it is about funding. Clubs who are successful will develop their fundraising, social media communications and community engagement capabilities. By using the Crowdfunder website, anyone who pledges funding will not only support a club’s project, but they will also earn rewards that have been donated by their local business community, ensuring those clubs are truly at the heart of their local areas.

Key dates:


We hope you can promote this new opportunity through your networks. You can now get yourself ready to promote Crowdfunder - A Place for Sport when it launches on 8th September.

How to promote the fund:

●  Send a single subject email to those who are opted into marketing communications 

●  Put the campaign in a newsletter and send to those who are opted into marketing communications

●  Publish an article on your blog

●  Publish a link on your website

●  Share on socials

●  Tell people you think would be a great fit