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How to apply for the Be Active Wales Fund?

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Looking for support from the Be Active Wales Fund but not sure where to start? This step-by-step guide will breakdown the process for you - from planning and applying to receiving your funding.

1. Identify a need and the difference it will make

Do you need certain equipment to increase participation at your sports club? Are you looking to improve the coaching at your community organisation? Can innovation improve the experience of your participants?

Through the Be Active Wales Fund, the National Lottery will support projects at sports clubs or not-for-profit organisations that deliver sport in Wales.

You will need to demonstrate how the funding will develop your sport or activity, tackle inequalities, make sport more accessible or create sustainability at your club.

Whether it’s equipment or upskilling volunteers, then the Be Active Wales Fund could help! 

If it’s changing room upgrades, clubhouse installations or technology you’re looking for then our ‘A Place for Sport’ fund would be the better option for your club.

2. Apply for the grant

Once you’ve followed the above steps, it’s now time to fill out an expression of interest form. This helps us get an understanding of what your project aims are and what your club needs in order to achieve them.

The form is simple and easy! And, if you have followed the above step and thought about your project, it will be a lot quicker to complete.

An Investment Officer will be in touch within two working days after you have submitted your form to inform you of the decision.

Then, you will be invited to apply for the Be Active Wales Fund if your project is eligible. If your project is better suited to another of our grants, you will be encouraged to apply for that instead. Should your project be ineligible, feedback will be provided, and you will be informed why it doesn’t meet the criteria.

Filling in the application takes a bit more time, but your assigned Investment Officer can help you with the process along the way.

Once you’ve submitted your completed application, your Investment Officer will be in touch to inform you if you have been successful.

If you have not been successful, your Investment Officer will be able to inform you of what you need to do to bring your application to a place where it will be supported by the National Lottery through the Be Active Wales Fund.

When your project has been given the green light by Sport Wales and you have accepted your funding offer, your National Lottery funding will be on its way to your club’s bank account!

3. Make a difference and spread the word

It’s time to make your sport more accessible and to grow participation at your club. So, spend the funding on the things you need to deliver on your objectives set out in your application and let’s get down to business.

Show off the amazing work your club has been doing on social media and shout about how National Lottery funding has helped your club grow.

We want other clubs to be inspired by what you’ve been doing, follow your lead and use the Be Active Wales Fund. So, use our toolkit to spread the message on social media and encourage others to make their sport more accessible with a helping hand from Sport Wales.

How are you getting on with your new equipment? Has the Be Active Wales Fund made a difference at your club? What do your members think? Let us know via your learning log six months after the completion of your project.

You need to submit this with us to be able to receive more funding with us in the future.

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