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Strategic Equality Plan 2024-2028

The Vision for Sport in Wales is that we are “an active nation where everyone can have a lifelong enjoyment of sport.”  The Vision was built following conversations with individuals from across Wales. It belongs to and needs the support of everyone in Wales – working, investing, learning and succeeding together. 

The Vision underpins our own Sport Wales Strategy. We want to unleash the benefits of sport for everyone in Wales and have shaped our work around six strategic intent statements.  These statements also act as our Wellbeing Objectives and demonstrate what you can expect to see from the work we deliver and the work that we are part of. 

The Vision for Sport in Wales and the Sport Wales Strategy are centred around creating a system that uses the power of sport to deliver an inclusive sport system. Our Strategic Equality Plan is initially focused on the actions that Sport Wales can take within our own organisation.  However, our ambition is to maximise the levers available to us to support tackling inequality within the sector. In particular, some of our sector-facing actions are centred around how we can best utilise investment and funding to address inequalities. As a learning organisation, we are committed to reviewing the balance and effectiveness of these actions throughout the life of the Strategic Equality Plan. 

CEO Foreword

Since the publication of our Strategic Equality Plan in 2020, all of us have experienced significant turmoil and change as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Sport and leisure facilities, including our own Sport Wales National Centre, were closed for significant periods, reducing opportunities for people to access sport and physical activity.  Survey data indicates that, consequently, inequalities have widened in participation among men and women and between those who are well-off and those who are not.

The ongoing cost of living pressures are further exacerbating inequalities, threatening to further reduce participation on the grounds of affordability.  

However, whilst the macro environment presents challenges, we must also see the opportunities.  Sport and physical activity have a key role to play in improving the physical and mental health and wellbeing of the nation.  We want to deliver the Vision for Sport in Wales - an active nation where everyone can have a lifelong enjoyment of sport.  Sport can transcend boundaries, unite communities, and empower individuals to surpass their potential.  We must remain resolute in using the power of sport to deliver an inclusive sport system, led by need and providing a great experience for all.  

We must also recognise that there is more to do within our own organisation.  We want to develop and foster an inclusive work environment where people feel respected and valued for their individual talents and the insight that they bring through their own lived experience.  

This plan is not merely a document; it embodies our collective dedication to championing equality in every facet of our operations.  It reflects the voices of our staff and the communities we serve, articulating our shared vision and reflective of the journey we are on towards a more inclusive sport system.

Diversity is our strength, and inclusivity is our cornerstone.  By fostering an environment where diversity is celebrated and inclusion is embedded into our practices, we pave the way for a more vibrant, resilient, and enriched sporting landscape.

I extend my sincere thanks to all who have contributed to shaping this Strategic Equality Plan.  Your insights, perspectives, and commitment have been invaluable in crafting a roadmap for the journey that truly reflects the ethos of equality and fairness.

Brian Davies
Chief Executive Officer
Sport Wales


We are grateful for the invaluable contributions of our critical friends. Your insightful feedback, challenging questions, and unwavering support have helped us shape a more ambitious and comprehensive roadmap for equality and inclusion at Sport Wales.

We also extend our deepest gratitude to everyone at Sport Wales who has dedicated their time and expertise to this crucial endeavour.