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Chris Grube - Sailing

Name: Chris ‘Twiggy’ Grube
Born: Chester, England
School: Upton-by-Chester High School
Sailing Class: 470
Sailing Partner: Luke Patience
First Club: Bala Sailing Club
Other Sports: Cycling
Olympic Experience: Rio 2016 (5th)
Other Honours: Enoshima Olympic Week (Winner), 470 North American Championships 2020 (Winner)

After finishing just shy of the podium at Rio 2016, Chris will be looking to go a step further by clinching a medal this summer. Joining him again in the 470 class dinghy will be Scottish teammate, Luke Patience, who has tasted what it’s like to step on the podium with a Silver medal at London 2012.

What club did Chris start sailing at?

Just over an hours drive from Chester, Chris started sailing for Bala Sailing Club after his dad took him out on Wales’ biggest lake at the tender age of 10.

One thing you didn’t know about Chris Grube

There is no correlation between Chris and the famous model who shares his nickname. He’s known as Twiggy because of his tall and slender frame.

What dates will Chris be competing at Tokyo 2020?

Wednesday, July 28
Thursday, July 29
Friday, July 30
Sunday, August 1
Monday, August 2
Wednesday, August 4 - Medal Race