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New Energy Saving Grant to power-up sports clubs in Wales

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Sport Wales is making new funding available to help sports clubs save money by becoming more energy efficient.

Clubs can apply for an Energy Saving Grant of up to £25,000 which can be used towards the cost of energy-saving measures such as the installation of solar panels or better insulation. 

Clubs who are successful with their applications will not only benefit from reduced utility bills so that they can become more financially sustainable, but they’ll also be doing their bit for the environment. 

Explaining the new Energy Saving Grant further, Brian Davies, CEO of Sport Wales, said: “We want to help support strong sustainable clubs so that they can continue to benefit the communities they serve by providing affordable activities. 

“Sports clubs that run premises continue to feel the effects of the cost of living crisis, so we’re really pleased to be able to support their ideas for reducing their energy consumption which could save them significant amounts of money in both the short and long term.”

As well as funding solar panels and insulation, the new grants can also be used for installing energy efficient LED lighting and motion sensors, improving heating and hot water systems, as well as sustainable water sourcing. 

Both the age and usage of a building will determine the potential savings. The older a building is, then there’s more of a chance of energy efficiencies being made which will result in substantial savings.

Likewise, a clubhouse or pavilion that is open and consuming gas and electric every day of the week is naturally going to have more potential for energy efficiencies than a facility which is only in use a couple of times a week.

Brian added: “We have a total pot of funding worth £1m for these grants and are confident that the return on investment will be several times that amount in terms of financial savings for clubs.”

To apply, clubs need to complete a stage 1 application form between Tuesday 16 May and Wednesday 28 June 2023. This is done online via the Energy Saving Grant page where, importantly, you will be fully guided through the process. 

Crucially, clubs who apply for the funding must either own their building or have a minimum 10-year lease. They will also be expected to contribute a minimum of 20% towards their total project costs.

Find out about the other ways in which Sport Wales can provide funding to your club on the funding and support page.

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