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Getting children active - help from Welsh sport

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The schools are still closed, clubs and leisure centres are padlocked, the weather has been awful, and even bouncy Joe Wicks is starting to look a bit jaded.

January and February are often the hardest months, but the 2021 version feels like they’ve already outstayed their welcome.

Keeping kids active and stimulated can be difficult at the best of times, with partners, families, jobs, studies and homes to take care of.

Deep into this current lockdown, for many with responsibilities for young people it can feel almost impossible to manage – especially if safe, outdoor places are hard to find nearby.


But with some help, simple ideas, some imagination and a bit of time, parents, carers and teachers can inspire children to keep their bodies moving and their mood swings on the up.

Don’t worry. This isn’t one of those articles that will demand you become a top-notch sports coach to add to all the other juggling duties of home-schooling.

We’ve just gathered a few suggestions from various sports and organisations in Wales that are simple ways of getting kids to expend some energy, sharpen up their physical skills, and stay as happy as possible.

And we’ve put them into one place, where they’re easy to find.

The #BeActiveWales campaign was launched last spring when the Covid-19 crisis forced the first lockdown and we’ve continued to update those resources aimed at keeping young people healthy.

These are activities that children can do indoors and outdoors to fit alongside their home schooling, or when they are back home if they are still attending school.

For simple ball skills for young children, why not try the games and exercises put together by Cricket Wales? They have fun activities for five to eight-year-olds through their “All-Stars” programme and activities for older children via their “Chance To Shine”.

Go to

In partnership with Glamorgan, there are also Virtual Cricket Games challenges for kids to complete, with six skills to try.

You can find them at

There’s also a Welsh language version at

Cricket Wales development manager Mark Frost says: “We’ve out together a series of games, activities and skills that children can do during lockdown.

“These things are great fun, but they’re all keeping children active within the cricket sphere of the basic skills of catching, throwing, batting and bowling.”

If your child fancies being the next Gareth Bale or Jess Fishlock, then there are plenty of football activities on offer.

One of them is the new partnership between the FAW Trust and Girlguiding Cymru, which aims to give girls the chance to learn about football and develop new skills.

You can download a free football challenge pack, with eight sections for young girls to complete and encourage football activity and know-how. For those who finish the challenges, there is a #GirlsCAN Football Challenge Pack Badge.

For more information and to download the pack, go to:

Cricket Games Image


Budding athletes can also get active through running, jumping and developing their balance and co-ordination through a series of videos put together by Welsh Athletics via their Starting Blocs programme.

The videos feature Welsh Commonwealth Games runner Charlotte Arter as well as Wales’ fastest man – Sam Gordon – showing off his best egg and spoon skills.

The Starting Blocs videos are at:

Plenty of people are missing netball at the moment, whether that’s matches or regular training sessions, but there’s good news for young players who want to stay fit and in touch with the sport.

Every Tuesday evening, Welsh Netball are running their “Nettyflix” sessions. These are between 7.00pm and 8.00pm on Zoom and feature live interviews and Q and A opportunities with netball stars such as Wales legend Suzy Drane and others from the sporting world.

Go to:

On Thursdays, between 7.00pm and 8.00pm, former Wales international and Celtic Dragons star Kyra Jones hosts a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session which you can participate in from home via Zoom.

Go to:

There’s also now a low intensity session available.

As well as being live, recordings of Kyra’s sessions can also now be viewed online.

Go to: or visit Welsh Netball’s Twitter account - @WelshNetball and follow the links.

Recent surveys have revealed that physical activity among children and young people fell sharply during 2020 as the pandemic restricted the types of activities available.

That poses a challenge to both the physical health and mental well-being of children as well as the way they view sport and activity in the longer term.

But despite the current restrictions, Sport Wales is committed to helping everyone responsible for children to find fun ways to stay healthy.

The #BeActiveWales campaign will continue to provide support for everyone in Wales to make sure children are active.