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A Place for Sport x Crowdfunder: how it can help local sports clubs in Wales

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A Place for Sport and Crowdfunding – what’s it all about? How can it help my sports club in Wales? How do we get started? 

Don’t worry! You’ve come to the right place if you want to find answers. And to get the low-down from someone who has been through the fundraising process, we chatted with Newport Cricket Club Chair, Mike Knight

In 2022, the club turned to Crowdfunder and raised almost £16,000 and received £6,000 in match-funding from Sport Wales’ A Place for Sport fund. It was so successful, Newport Cricket Club has become the first club in Wales to embark on its second Crowdfunding campaign.

What is A Place for Sport?

Sport Wales has partnered with Crowdfunder to support community clubs and activities to raise money for ‘off-field’ facility improvements. If a club achieves its Crowdfunding target, it also receives match-funding from Sport Wales. Because you are Crowdfunding, people pledge money to support your cause and, in return for their donation, they can receive a reward. 

The reward can be anything from a discounted treatment at a nearby spa or a free meal in the local pub. Approach your local business community to see what they can offer to support you. Through Sport Wales’ partnership with Crowdfunder, your club can improve its facilities and everyone who pledges money receives a reward – everyone’s a winner!

Mike, tell us about your first Crowdfunding campaign.

In 2022, we raised enough money to replace our 23-year-old pitch roller. 

We run 13 different sides – many of them junior – which means the demand on the grass wickets is very high. The new roller was essential and we were delighted to reach our Crowdfunder target in just 49 days.

What are the benefits of A Place for Sport?

One of the big benefits is that Sport Wales will provide match-funding for ‘off-field’ improvements like changing rooms, clubhouses, kitchen facilities, bike racks, disability access, solar panels, generators, boilers and new fencing. 

Sport Wales will provide between 30% and 50% in match-funding, up to £15,000.

As a registered Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC), Newport Cricket Club was also able to claim Gift Aid which was a further £1800 towards our target.

How has A Place for Sport and Crowdfunder helped your club be more inclusive?

As a club, we are really proud of our inclusive work. We have a strong women and girls’ section, we host disability cricket taster days and we work with several cricket clubs that serve diverse communities such as Newport Tigers, Maindee, Newport Asians, Newport Tyrants and Newport Zalmi. 

In fact, 43% of the club’s senior membership and 21% of the junior membership comes from BAME communities in the area. 

Our fundraising will help us to be even more inclusive because the new mower will mean less time spent preparing the ground which means we can have an extra team training on a Friday evening. As a result, we are planning to set up a new girls’ under 11 side.

Did you have any reservations about Crowdfunding beforehand?

Yes! To be honest, we were sceptical. We didn’t want to ask too much of the parents at our club as they already pay fees and support the club in so many ways. But they decided to support our Crowdfunder appeal and it was the best decision ever! Everyone really got behind us and wanted us to reach our target.

A man speaking to a group of people in yellow kit at a cricket ground

How have you made the most of Crowdfunding?

We have been blown away by how the community has supported us. And not only have we raised vital funds, but it has also brought the club together in a way we never expected. 

The Crowdfunder campaign suddenly became a big talking point. Everyone did their bit - diehard supporters of the club, parents, players and even past players who we haven’t seen for years as well as Saturday spectators. 

We went out of our way to thank donors, inviting them into the clubhouse for a coffee to get to know them better. It's prompted several of them to get more involved in the club through volunteering. It’s been a huge success story for us in many ways.

Why have you decided to Crowdfund again?

We have set ourselves the target of raising £15,000 so we can buy a new mower. Our current mower is 15 years old. It’s become unreliable, slow and in need of almost constant repairing. A new larger and faster mower is essential and will also make the job of cutting the grass much easier for our hard-working volunteers.

Will you do anything differently this time?

We could do more this time to approach local businesses and drive sponsors through the Crowdfunder campaign so we benefit from Gift Aid and match-funding.

What would your advice be to sports clubs in Wales thinking about Crowdfunding?

  • Keep people informed. Before you start, make sure you have people’s contact details so you can email, text or whats app with quick progress reports.
  • Use social media to tell people about your campaign and when you hit fundraising milestones.
  • Remember to thank people and make everyone feel valued because every £1 counts.
  • Consider the rewards you offer carefully. Our winter coaching programme for juniors was really popular. We decided to offer it at a reduced price, because not only would it be a good offer for parents but the club would benefit from match-funding and Gift Aid.
  • If you find your campaign has gone a bit quiet, offer a new reward and let everyone know.
  • We undertook our Crowdfunding campaign in winter because we needed to get the work done ahead of the summer. But if you can, Crowdfund during your busy season and consider how you can use your events and fixtures in your rewards.

How do we get started with a Crowdfunding campaign?

This is a really helpful guide to Crowdfunder for clubs in Wales and there is plenty of support available to help you along the way. 

Just go for it! You have nothing to lose!

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