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Nearly £300,000 approved through the Emergency Relief Fund

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Twenty-eight more not-for-profit clubs have had Emergency Relief Funding confirmed this week.

In just three weeks, 132 clubs have been approved a total of £285,252 of immediate financial support.

From the latest batch of applications, 13 have been deferred as they await more information or confirmation of other Government funding.

In the latest batch of applications, three clubs have received support to help with damage cause by the winter floods.

As of Thursday 7th May, 479 applications had been made to the Fund, with more than 100 applications still to be processed by Sport Wales.

Owen Hathway, assistant director at Sport Wales said: 

“We knew there would a significant need for the fund and we’re just thankful that so many clubs have been able to get support through such a financially challenging time.

“We’ve had invaluable support from partners such as governing bodies and local authorities who have provided local insight on the challenges clubs are facing, and our staff at Sport Wales have been working continuously to process applications, which are still coming in.

“I’d reiterate to applicants that the fund is for immediate financial help on fixed costs such as rent or utilities, and where without support there is a legitimate risk of losing those community assets.

“Many clubs have received other forms of Government grants and support, which has enabled us to target clubs with the biggest need to ensure their survival.

“We’re developing plans to support clubs outside of emergency funding, and we’ll communicate more information as soon as it is available.”

The Emergency Relief Fund offers help for clubs who require urgent financial support to cover fixed costs during the window of 24 March to 30 June.  More information on eligibility criteria, and a Q&A, can be found on the Sport Wales website here.

Any questions or queries can be directed to [javascript protected email address]