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£163,000 given out in first round of Emergency Relief Fund

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A total of 68 clubs are being provided with £163,196 in the first batch of approved applications to the Emergency Relief Fund.

With around 10% of Wales’ sport clubs applying to the Fund, the first set of 116 applications have now been processed.

Details include:

  • A total of 68 clubs supported through the Fund
  • Funding for clubs covering 18 different sports
  • Support for three clubs to help with damage caused by winter floods


Fourteen applications have been deferred as they await more information on other Government funding.

A further 260 applications have been received by Sport Wales and are now being processed with the support of partners, such as governing bodies.

The Emergency Relief Fund is aimed at not-for-profit sport clubs in need of immediate financial support due to the financial impact of Coronavirus and the recent floods. 

The maximum award from the Emergency Relief Fund is £5,000. Clubs approved for funding should receive their funding within days. 

Timescales from application to decision are currently within 10 working days, unless more information is required or the club is awaiting confirmation of other funding sources.

The next round of decisions are scheduled for Tuesday (28th April), with clubs informed of decisions in the following days.

Information on the Fund, and eligibility criteria, can be found here.

Any questions or queries can be directed to

Please also see the information update on other Sport Wales grants.

Further updates will be given when the second round of clubs have been provided with their decisions.