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Accountability - discussing what really matters

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Our approach to accountability supports partners to give an honest account of their actions and how these contribute to the Sport Wales strategy.

It allows partners to prioritise the collection of insight which is useful for helping them to learn and improve.

Working with a different focus

Our approach seeks to encourage honesty, learning and a culture where it is as important and feels just as comfortable to talk about what’s gone wrong as what’s gone well.

Work with partners focuses on discussing what matters and not merely on what can be easily measured.  The collection and use of data will be to drive improvement rather than to prove an outcome or result.  This approach supports us all with learning and developing together as a sector.

Where next

Our approach to accountability is under continual development.  We are committed to working with partners in progressing this approach and to increasing the level of accountability that is placed on those that we fund.  We are developing a standardised approach to consider progress in this area and the impact that this has on investment levels.