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Our approach to Investment

What we’re aiming to achieve through our investment.


We believe in a truly active nation where everyone has the opportunity to take part in sport and enjoy the benefits of being physically active.

To try and achieve this we invest Welsh Government and National Lottery funding to many different organisations across the country, who plan, manage, and deliver opportunities within the local communities of Wales.

We know that certain groups of people are less likely to take part or will find it more difficult to access sport and physical activity opportunities that are right for them. With this in mind, we look to ensure that we invest into the areas that need it most, through the organisations that will be able to create the most impact against the Vision for Sport in Wales, with equalities at the forefront of our decision making.

The types of investment and funding that we offer

We work in partnership with organisations responsible for governing sports and providing participation opportunities at a national level across the country. We offer annual investment to these organisations to support their core activity. We also offer additional streams of funding to support specific activities such as facility development. 

We also understand the importance of investing directly into the clubs and organisations who offer grassroots opportunities and activity. Community clubs and organisations can apply for a range of different funding options to support core and development activities.