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Protecting the club and its Volunteers

For clubs to thrive, it’s important that its interests are protected as well as those of the people who give up their time to keep things running smoothly. That means making sure the basic foundations are in place.

So take a look at the following five areas and ask yourself whether your club is currently doing enough? You will find links to information which can help you further.


  • Is everyone in your club aware of your safeguarding policy?
  • Does everyone know who the organisation’s Safeguarding Officer is?
  • Have you identified which roles require a DBS check and have they been carried out?

Data Protection

  • What information do you need to keep on the people involved in your organisation?
  • Who is responsible for ensuring it’s up to date?
  • Who has access to it and what can it be used for?


  • Does the organisation have appropriate insurance for all the activities it undertakes?
  • Does the insurance cover all the individuals who volunteer within the organisation?

Risk Management and Health & Safety

  1. Do people understand their role in managing risk within the organisation?
  2. Have risk assessments been carried out for the activities the organisation undertakes?
  3. Have the risk assessments been shared with the appropriate people?


Paying Expenses

  • Has the organisation got a policy for paying out of pocket expenses to its volunteers?
  • If it has one, do volunteers know what they have to do to claim their out of pocket expenses?