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Attracting Volunteers

Volunteers are the backbone of grassroots sport. They give up their free time to foster community spirit, share wisdom, and make sports clubs possible. 

However, we’re fully-aware that peoples’ lives are getting busier and attracting volunteers to your sports club may be harder than it once was. Therefore, it is more important than ever before to ensure sports clubs have a strong volunteering culture.

How to Create a Volunteering Culture

As well as abiding by the principles, there are a number of actions you can make to help inspire volunteers. These include: 

Set Expectations

Spell out the volunteering expectations every time a new member joins the club. Most people don’t mind helping, they just want to know what is involved, when and for how long.

Be Positive

We lead from the top, so those in leadership positions need to set the right tone by positively supporting those who get involved and encouraging others. Trying to shame people into volunteering doesn’t create the right sort of culture.

Just Ask

If you have roles or tasks that need doing, don’t be afraid to ask for help. It works best in person, but also use your club’s website or Facebook page.


Find out what specific skills your members or parents have and keep a record. As tasks arise, you can then assign the right person to the job.

Be Flexible

Some people may not wish to take on a big role at the club as it will require significant time and effort. So, think about breaking bigger jobs up or devising a rota to share the load.


The chance to learn new skills, such as First Aid or coaching, can motivate people to get involved. So, promote and encourage training opportunities.


A simple ‘thank you’ or pat on the back goes a long way. When people lend a hand, make sure to thank them personally, as well as publicly as it may inspire others to get involved.