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The Treasurer is a key role with responsibility for managing the club’s accounts and finances.

What you’ll get out of it

  • Sense of self achievement, fulfilment and giving back
  • A key role within your community
  • Meeting lots of people from different backgrounds
  • Potential career development / improved employability
  • Potential of new training and qualifications
  • In a role where you can help improve the club’s financial position

Who will I be responsible to?  

  • The Chairperson

Who will I be responsible for? 

  • Match / training fees collector/s and the club’s fundraising secretary

Ideally, you’ll need to be

  • Well organised – able to keep up to date financial records
  • Meticulous when handling money and cheques
  • Scrupulously honest
  • Able to answer questions of a financial nature in meetings

What you will do

  • To look after the finances of the club
  • Keep detailed written records of all accounts and make sure that the club operates within the annual budget
  • Attend the Committee meetings and AGM
  • Hold a bank account in the name of the club
  • Act as a primary signatory on the club account (and appoint three others as agreed by the Club Committee)
  • Prepare annual balance and profit & loss sheets for AGM
  • Collecting subscriptions and all money due to the organisation
  • Affiliating the club to the NGB and to the league(s) and working with the Secretary to register players
  • Keeping up date records of all financial transactions
  • Ensuring that all cash and cheques are promptly deposited in the bank
  • Paying bills and recording information, ensuring that funds are spent properly
  • Issuing receipts for all money received and recording this information
  • Reporting regularly to the committee and at AGM on the club’s financial position
  • Preparing and arranging for year-end statement of accounts to be audited
  • Helping to prepare and submit any statutory documents that are required (e.g. VAT returns, PAYE and NI returns, grant aid reports)
  • Even if these duties are delegated to a professional officer, the Treasurer is still ultimately responsible. It is up to the Treasurer to make sure that any delegated work is done properly.

How much time will it take?

  • Approximately 2-3 hours per week, though this will depend on the nature of your sports club/organisation.