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Welcome to July’s edition of Take Time

In this edition of Take Time we explore the topic of reflection. 

Take Time

As we switch from restrictions to cautionary freedom and move to acceptance of COVID-19 being a part of life, have you wondered how we will share our stories in the years to come? How will we describe this time in our lives? How will we talk about the successes & the challenges? How will we share what we have learnt?

Maybe in the context of the global 2020/21 pandemic, reflecting on and capturing these personal stories will give us the greatest insight on how to equip ourselves and those around us to be at our most resourceful and inclusive as we continue to travel through change. Maybe time for a memoir?

Reflection has become an integral part of leadership. It can help us broaden knowledge of self, other and the team. Through it we can develop skills and acquire new insights into our behaviour. It can be a vehicle for significant personal and collaborative change. Despite this, it is hard to pin down at times, and for some, it can be a time consuming and psychologically challenging exercise. 

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Take Time is changing!

We are excited to share that this Autumn we will be launching a new look Take Time resource and will be switching to a quarterly release of the resource. Each quarter we will have a new theme. If you have any ideas on topics for the next edition or would like to contribute to the content please do get in touch. 

Eleanor Ower, People Lead at Sport Wales: