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What Wales thinks – The latest update from the Wales Activity Tracker

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The Wales Activity Tracker is a quarterly survey which captures the Welsh populations sporting habits. Producing a snapshot of Welsh participation and demand for sport, the survey also explores key considerations around areas such as volunteering, confidence and major issues impacting decision making such as the cost-of-living crisis. 

This is an opportunity to get the latest insight into how the Welsh public are thinking about sport, as well as your chance to shape future editions of the survey and the questions we ask.

Use this insight to shape any upcoming work, influence decision-making and tailor your comms.


Owen Hathway – Assistant Director for Insight, Policy and Public Affairs

Owen has oversight of the Sport Wales’ key research projects as well as the approach of utilising that insight for policy development and investment decisions. His work at Sport Wales includes co-ordinating the School Sport Survey and overseeing the distribution of funds, such as the Be Active Wales Fund and the Energy Saving Grant.

As part of this remit, he is also the Co-Chair of the Welsh Institute of Physical Activity, Health and Sport (WIPAHS) an institute he co-founded with all 8 universities in Wales. Prior to joining Sport Wales 5 years ago, Owen led the policy and public affairs work for the UK’s largest teaching union in Wales.

Emma Henwood - Insight, Policy and Public Affairs Manager

Emma works for Sport Wales to engage Members of the Senedd (MSs) on sport and physical activity across the policy spectrum. She has held multiple policy and public affairs roles in Wales, including working at the Senedd. When the Welsh Parliament received new legislation powers, Emma was creating opposition party policy, and liaising with Government Ministers and civil servants on legislative changes.

Steven Coll - Savanta | Assosciate Director

Steven leads research programmes which include large-scale tracking of public attitudes & behaviours, investigations into player acquisition & retention and factors influencing youth participation in sport & physical activity. He specialises in working with clients from the Sport and physical activity sector where he works closely with governing bodies including Sport Wales, Sport England, The FA, The RFU and The British Paralympic Association.

Alex Farrell - Savanta | Consultant

Alex has worked on research programmes such as large-scale tracking of public attitudes and behaviours towards sport and physical activity, as well as polling of disabled people’s experiences in sports facilities. In the public sector team at Savanta, he works closely with a number of clients in the sport and physical activity sector such as Sport Wales, Sport England and ukactive.