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School Sport Survey 2021 - The Consultation

The School Sport Survey gives children across Wales the opportunity to have their say on their participation in sport and how they feel about it. 

This gives us and the sector rich insight into participation levels, behaviours and attitudes and importantly, allows us to identify areas that need our attention. Our most recent survey in 2018 represented the voices of 120,00 schoolchildren from over 1,000 schools. 

Now, we look forward to 2021 when we will host the survey again. 

In anticipation of the next School Sport Survey we are planning on making a number of improvements, from its delivery, to the questions themselves, to the sharing and displaying of results. These proposed improvements are a result of the feedback already received from various stakeholders and in response to the emerging needs of the sector. 

In light of these proposed improvements we would like your feedback, whether you are a local authority, a teacher supporting the delivery of the survey, or a national governing body interested in the results who will have the opportunity to have your say on sport in Wales. 

Although we will be unable to cater for every need, and though we have to be mindful of the burden we place on local authorities, teachers and pupils in delivering the survey, we are keen to hear from the sport sector as to how the school sport survey can best meet their needs. 

Therefore, we would greatly appreciate you taking the time and opportunity to respond to the questions in the survey link (see below) by Monday 14 September to help inform the 2021 survey. 

Thank you in anticipation. 

Sport Intelligence and Service Development, Sport Wales


Video: about the consultation

Owen Hathway discusses the School Sport Survey consultation