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Understanding the motivations & needs of young people in Wales

The Development of Peer Researchers within Gwent

In order to help grow understanding around the motivations and needs of young people in Wales in the Post Pandemic world, StreetGames was commissioned by Sport Wales in February 2022 to undertake a two-phase research project to gain increased understanding in relation to young people’s behaviours, views and motivations in relation to sport. 


The review looked to specifically draw answers to the following questions: 

  • Whether the sporting offer has changed?
  • Whether there is a need to move to a health and wellbeing/non-traditional offer?
  • What do young people want and how we gain that insight?
  • Why are young people not engaging in the current offer provided to them?

Phase one comprised a desk-based review and phase two was the development of regional peer researchers across Gwent. 


Information shared from both the Desk Review and Peer Research phases have provided important insight about what young people currently want from sporting offers. 

However, through both phases of the research, it was apparent that different young people have different barriers, ‘triggers and motivators for taking part in sport. For many young people, sport is an appealing activity in itself and a ‘hook’ to engagement, whilst for others it is sport’s wider benefits which motivates participation – i.e. the opportunities to meet new people, socialise with others, develop personally and for wider health and well-being benefits. 

Building on this, there was demand for both traditional and non-traditional sporting activities, with a clear desire to access opportunities to a variety of different sports and activities locally.

Given these different wants and motivations, it is vitally important to not make assumptions in advance, and to provide opportunities for young people to share their views and shape offers, as what is ‘right’ for one group or area may not be ‘right’ for another.