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Sport & Active Lifestyles: State of the Nation Report

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National Survey for Wales 2021-22

The National Survey for Wales is a large-scale, random sample household survey of adults (ages 16-years and above) across Wales. This survey is implemented by Welsh Government on behalf of public bodies in Wales. 

Due to methodological changes to the 2021-22 survey, comparisons between 2021-22 figures and figures from previous iterations of the survey should be limited and treated with discretion. 

For more information on methodology, please refer to the Introduction.

Headline Findings: 


  • 56% of adults in Wales participated in sport and physical activity (at least once in the last four weeks).
  • 34% of adults in Wales participated in sport and physical activity three or more times a week (Future Generations Indicator No. 38).
  • More adults said they participated in ‘Fitness activities’ (51%), compared to ‘Sports and Games’ (14%), or Outdoor Pursuits (6%) (Note – adults could report participation for multiple activities).
  • Adults were most likely to participate in Fitness Activities multiple times per week; 59% of adults who participated in this kind of activity participated three or more times per week. Comparatively, 19% of those participating in Sport and Games, and 12% of those participating in Outdoor Pursuits participated in these types of activity three or more times per week.


  • Overall, 31% of all adults said they wanted to participate in more sport and/or physical activity.
  • ‘Fitness Activities’ were more in demand than ‘Sport and Games’ and ‘Outdoor Pursuits’; 20% of adults said they wanted to do more ‘Fitness Activities’, compared to 10% of adults reporting a demand for ‘Sport and Games’, and 5% for Outdoor Pursuits (Note - adults could report demand for multiple activities).
  • Of those who have a demand for more sport and/or physical activity, 43% already participate three or more times per week.
  • 20% of adults who do not already participate in sport or physical activity said they would like to participate in at least one sport or physical activity. This represents 224,000 people, and equates to 9% of the total adult population in Wales.
The Vision for sport logo

The Vision for Sport in Wales

This report is structured around the Vision for Sport in Wales. The Vision is the platform for cross sector engagement in sport and physical activity, and seeks to transform Wales into an active nation, where everyone can have a lifelong enjoyment of sport and physical activity. 

The Vison was co-produced with a wide range of stakeholders and represents the voice of the people of Wales. A collaborative, effort in working towards The Vision will:

  • Improve population health and wellbeing
  • Provide the people of Wales with the skills to reach their potential
  • Support communities to flourish
  • Create opportunities for everyone to join in
  • Promote Wales to the world through our sporting approach