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Learning Series: Thursday 27th May

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Thursday 27th May

Integrating a Coaching Approach into your Leadership with Trudy Wright 

Research has shown that coaching skills are an essential part of effective 21st century leadership.  This workshop sheds a light on some of those skills and suggests practical ways to integrate them into your leadership style.

Here are some further reading recommendations from Trudy:


Leader as Coach

13 Ways leaders can build a coaching culture at work 


William Ury: The power of listening


Manager as Coach, Jenny Rogers with Karen Whilttleworth & Andrew Gilbert

Time to Think, Nancy Kline

Dare to Lead, Brene Brown

Leon Brown playing rugby for the Dragons

Reflecting to maximise your impact from the Learning Series with Sue Blight, First Ascent

In this session, Sue shares how to maximise your return from the time you have invested in the Learning Series.  Sue helps you to practice reflection techniques to consider what you have learned, and link that learning to your wider goals at home or at work. This was an interactive and thought-provoking session, so maybe have a pen and paper ready & put on your “purposeful hat”!

Here are some further reading recommendations form Sue:


Atomic Habits by James Clear


Leon Brown playing rugby for the Dragons

Levelling the Playing Field

Find out what needs to happen to shape the future of sport in the UK. Ladi Ajayi, the Head of Sport at AKD Solutions, shares the findings from the 2021 UK wide #TellYourStory Lived Experience research project, which looked at the impact of race and racism in sport.  

Seize this opportunity to hear what the research is telling us and start exploring how individually, organisationally, and as a collective sector, we must lead change to make sport and physical activity more inclusive, from the boardroom to grassroots community clubs. 

Here's some further reading recommended by Ladi:


Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race; Reni Eddo-Lodge

No Win Race: A Memoir of Belonging, Britishness and Sport; Derek A. Bardowell

Leon Brown playing rugby for the Dragons