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Moving to Inclusion Framework

What is the Moving to Inclusion Framework?

The new Moving To Inclusion Framework is an evolution of the original Equality Standard for Sport, first launched in 2004. In 2021, a comprehensive sector-wide evaluation of the Equality Standard was completed, leading to the development of this new Framework, operating model, and accompanying support package

Who is responsible for the Moving To Inclusion Framework?

The new framework is led by the Sports Councils Equality Group (SCEG); a working group with relevant representation from all UK based Sports Councils. SCEG aims to promote and develop equality in sport across all the equality strands. It shares expertise, good practice, and relevant experience, both amongst members of SCEG and with external partner agencies, as well as leading the strategic development and implementation of the new Moving To Inclusion Framework, and other key areas of work.

Why has the Moving To Inclusion Framework been developed? 

The new Framework aims to support organisations to drive and maintain momentum for delivering change through a continuous improvement cycle of reflection, planning, implementation, review, and learning. The original Equality Standard for Sport required organisations to provide retrospective evidence to meet set criteria and achieve a standard at a pre-determined level (Foundation, Preliminary, Intermediate or Advanced). 

How will the Moving To Inclusion Framework work? 

Progression through the Framework is based on honest self-reflection against a series of development indicators within 5 pillars for change around Culture, Leadership, Experience, Relationships and Communications. Self-reflection identifies areas of strength to consolidate and maintain as well as areas for development. The framework enables constructive check and challenge whilst providing support for improvement. The Moving To Inclusion Framework is a tool to drive positive change to help partners tackle inequalities in their organisation, according to their size, purpose, and maturity in terms of equality, diversity, and inclusion. Partners will receive help from mentors, equality partners, peers, and other resources to bring about meaningful, sustainable improvements in the representation, diversity and experiences of inclusion for their leaders, wider workforce and participants.

When are we likely to see the Moving To Inclusion Framework rolled out across the sector? 

The Sports Council Equality Group are in the final phase of the review and a brand-new website is being created to host a range of information about EDI across the sector. An update about the launch will be circulated to partners in Spring/Summer 2022 and guidance sessions will be held for internal Sports Council staff and external partners around how to use the new Framework and diagnostic tool. As UK partners complete the self-diagnosis and priority areas begin to emerge, further sessions on each of the 5 pillars will be developed as required. Beyond that, continual improvement sessions and access to peer groups and forums will also be provided.