1. Group size limits for organised activity.

N.B. This guidance has been updated following Welsh Government advice issued on 12th November.

over 18s group activity

For OUTDOOR group activity: 

  • Up to 30 people can take part in organised outdoors activities, but the organisers will need to take all reasonable measures to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.  
  • Guidance issued by governing bodies must be followed.

For INDOOR group activity: 

  • Up to 15 people can take part in organised outdoors activities, but the organisers will need to take all reasonable measures to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.   
  • Guidance issued by governing bodies must be followed.


  • Government guidance stipulates that "Coaches and match officials would generally be regarded as participants so the limit of 30 or 15 should include them. However, anybody who is there to organise or support the activity, if they are working or providing a voluntary service, can also attend and do not need to be considered within the limit of 30 or 15."
  • These limits do not apply to group activity for under 18s, see below.

under 18s group activity

  • The above group size limits do not apply to children under the age of 18 for activity arranged by a responsible body (e.g. sports club, public body, charity or gym).
  • The only limit to group sizes for under 18s relate to the boundaries of the setting and the need for sufficient adults to be present to supervise.
  • Adults who are not directly participating or facilitating activities should not stay in the area where the activity is taking place
    Supporters and spectators of organised activities should be limited to only those who absolutely need to attend, for example, parents or guardians of children who require their attendance for health or safeguarding reasons.



Elite sports that were suspended during the firebreak will be able to resume. Athletes and coaches designated in this group should liaise with their governing body for further guidance and support.

Sport Wales has also been given responsibility to consider further additions to the elite designation to enable more team sports to be played outdoors where the 30 person gathering number has been restrictive. This will be done in a controlled and phased way where clear guidance is in place by sport governing bodies to protect all participants. This work will be carried out as soon as possible with representatives of the sport sector. 

3. Face coverings.

Wearing face coverings is now a legal requirement in shops and other indoor public places from 14 September.

Gyms and leisure centres are indoor public places, so you will need to wear a face covering when you go there and you will need to keep it on depending on what you are doing. If you are preparing to exercise, changing or undertaking any activity that isn’t strenuous, especially when in close contact with other people, you will need to wear a face covering.

The World Health Organisation advises against wearing a face covering when exercising as sweat can make a face covering become wet more quickly, making it difficult to breathe and promoting the growth of microorganisms. It advises the important preventative measure during exercise is to maintain physical distance from others.

As part of the measures the operator of the gym or leisure centre will need to put in place to minimise the risk of exposure to coronavirus, they will need to consider when wearing a face covering would not be appropriate and what mitigating action may be needed. They will be expected to give you further information about the systems put in place and what you will be expected to do.

More Welsh Government guidelines on face coverings can be found here: https://gov.wales/face-coverings-guidance-public

4. General sport guidelines.

The Welsh Government regularly updates their guidance for sport, recreation and leisure, indoors and outdoors, from grassroots to elite. You can read the latest guidelines here: https://gov.wales/sport-recreation-and-leisure-guidance-phased-return-html

5. Governing body guidelines.

If you are involved in a sport club, you will need to follow the return to play guidelines issued by your governing body. You can find links to governing body information here: https://www.sport.wales/beactivewales-campaign/the-status-of-sports-and-activities-after-lock-down/