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Santa’s Sport List

We are now entering stoppage time for Christmas shopping. With just a few days to go, will we see a last-minute sports gift slide beneath the Christmas Tree? 

There can be no better gift than the gift of sport and exercise this Christmastime. Instead of stocking up on socks (although a good sports pair could be useful), how about helping your loved one be active?

Here’s a rundown of some great gifts and stocking fillers to help you get started.


Running, walking, or going to the gym? An obvious one maybe, but many people choose the wrong footwear and pay the consequences.

Visit a retailer who will be able to advise you based on things like the intended activity or the shape of the foot. 

If you get this part right, then it will put real pace in your running habit.

Walking maps of Wales

Snowdonia, the Brecon Beacons, and a coastal path which follows the whole coastline of our nation. Wales is wonderful so get out and about to see its beauty on accessible walks and runs. Exercise with a smattering of stunning views – you can’t go wrong!

Rainbow laces

Sport is for everyone, and you can support LGBTQ+ inclusion across sport and fitness this Christmas. Whether that’s on the pitch or in the streets, wearing Stonewall’s iconic Rainbow Laces in the community game is the perfect way to celebrate your identity or show your unity with the LGBT people.

Start the conversation by popping this in someone’s stocking. Your money will help towards the campaign, too – it is the season of giving after all.

Sport Lessons

Give someone the push they need to try out a new sport by buying them some lessons this Christmas. Golf is one of the most popular as almost anyone can give this one a go. Don’t disregard tennis or swimming either. Maybe mum and dad need to spend more quality time together. How about some couples’ dance classes to keep them fit?

Skipping Rope

A perfect stocking filler. The skipping rope offers a great cardio workout that can be done almost anywhere. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can either opt for a basic model or one that counts the number of jumps as well as calculating the number of calories you’re burning. You can even up the ante with a weighted rope – an added incentive to keep skipping.

Pull up bar

A pull up is one of the best bodyweight exercises you can do – but that does make it one of the toughest, too. Bars are available to hang up on doorways so it is something simple you can try at home at any time.

Shoes and kettlebell in back garden

Home Workout Kits

Yes, yes. Some of us may want to see the back of home workouts but this could be the perfect starting point for a beginner who is not quite ready to step into a gym. And it is much easier to fit these into a busy schedule. 

Exercise balls, resistance bands, small weights and mini trampolines are ideal for the home. Or go a bit more alternative with a yoga kit which includes a mat and instructional video.

There are plenty of videos online to help you make the most of your purchases.


It’s been proven that working out to music makes the whole thing more enjoyable. And, on those days that exercise may seem like a drag, time seems to go faster when listening to your favourite tracks. Look out for sets designed with fitness in mind - particularly wireless models that can be linked via Bluetooth to a phone or other device. 

Beanie hat with head torch

The cold and dark months are here but that shouldn’t stop you exercising this winter.

Keep your head warm and your path lit by wearing a beanie hat with rechargeable light. Gift this with a hi vis waterproof jacket or breathable coat and you’ll be able to exercise safely, whatever the weather – no excuses!

Punching Bags

Punching bags are great for improving co-ordination, flexibility, burning calories and venting stress, and they’ll absorb all the punishment you can throw at them. An inflatable punching bag, which rocks back and forth with every punch, offers serious and fun exercise for the entire family. A present that will definitely help let off some steam!

Picnic Rucksack

A compact picnic backpack is a foolproof way of encouraging the reluctant walker to get more active. With the incentive of an outdoor feast midway through, venturing out for a walk is a much more appealing proposition. Add in a thermal flask so tea or coffee lovers can enjoy their favourite hot drink, too. 

Step Counter

The growth of smart tech has made exercise gadgets that bit more affordable.

Tracking steps and activity can become quite addictive and be that extra motivation to get up off the sofa. Again, another way of goal setting and encourage friends to reach targets.

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