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Santa’s Sport List

Looking for a great gift this Christmas? Aren't we all! 

Instead of stocking up on socks (although a good sports pair could be useful) how about helping your loved one be active?

Here’s a rundown of some greats gifts and stocking fillers to help get started. 



An obvious one maybe, but many people choose the wrong footwear and pay the consequences.

Visit a retailer who will be able to advise you based on things like the intended activity or the shape of the foot. 

If you get this part right then it will put real pace in your running habit.


A perfect stocking filler. The skipping rope offers a great cardio workout that can be done almost anywhere. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can either opt for a basic model or one that counts the number of jumps as well as calculating the amount of calories you’re burning – an added incentive to keep skipping.


These are great for the exercise beginner who’s just not ready to go to a gym or doesn't have the time. Exercise balls, resistance bands, small weights and mini trampolines are ideal for the home. Or you can go a bit more alternative with a yoga kit with a mat and instructional video.

There are plenty of videos online to help you make the most of your purchases.



It’s been proven that working out to music makes the whole thing more enjoyable and time go quicker. Look out for some designed with fitness in mind, particularly wireless models that can be linked via Bluetooth to a phone or other device. 


With months of winter still to negotiate, and the prospect of further lockdowns, your exercise is likely to be in the dark.

As well as keeping safe, a waterproof, windproof, lightweight and breathable jacket means they’ll be well kitted out to venture out this winter – no excuses!


Punching bags are great for improving co-ordination, flexibility, burning calories and venting stress, and they’ll absorb all the punishment you can throw at them. An inflatable punching bag, which rocks back and forth with every punch, offers serious and fun exercise for the entire family.


A compact picnic backpack is a foolproof way of encouraging the reluctant walker to get more active. With the incentive of an outdoor feast midway through, venturing out for a walk is a much more appealing proposition.  


The growth of smart tech has made exercise gadgets that bit more affordable.

Tracking steps and activity can become quite additive, and be that extra motivation to get up off the sofa.