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Protecting local sporting facilities with the Green Pitch Pledge

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As we feel the effects of climate change, it is becoming increasingly important to protect our sporting environments. 

My Green Valley are a litter picking and environmental group based in Pontardawe who have come up with an initiative to do just that.

They have launched the Green Pitch Pledge, a collaborative project between the group, local councils, and local sports clubs. The pledge was created to address a problem that their volunteers come across week in week out – litter left around sports grounds after games and training sessions.

The pledge is an agreement between sports clubs and My Green Valley in which they agree to leave their sporting grounds and facilities clear of the rubbish generated during every match and training session.

In return for agreeing to and signing the pledge, My Green Valley have funded and will provide each sports ground in the local area with a Quick Pick Station which makes it easier for local clubs to clear any litter.

A man, a woman and a child holding up their signed Green Pitch Pledge
A device to hold two binbags and wheel around the pitch to collect litter, called a Quick Pick Station

Football, rugby, and cricket clubs are all signing the pledge, working together to ensure that multi-use local grounds are being protected, too.

The group hopes that the project will encourage and empower users of local sporting grounds to take active responsibility for ensuring that nothing is left behind and that they leave changing rooms and communal areas clean, and in a good state of repair after use. 

Kerina Lake, Co-Founder and Chair of My Green Valley said: “The Green Pitch Pledge is a grassroots project created in the Swansea Valley to tackle sports ground litter. 

“We’re working to educate and entrench the value of caring for our green spaces by taking responsibility for our sports pitches and enabling visitors, players and supporters who use these grounds to work together to keep where we play sports clean, green, and useable for all.”

Emma Wilkins, Director of Finance and Business Services at Sport Wales said: ""Sport Wales is prioritising the fight against climate change to ensure that we deliver an environment in which sport can continue to thrive for future generations."

“The Green Pitch Pledge is an excellent example of how communities can work together to ensure they are doing what they can to protect their local environment whilst playing sport.”

Duncan Jones catching a rugby ball

“It is a great initiative to ensure that playing facilities, often maintained by volunteers, are kept in a safe and clean condition so that they can be enjoyed by everyone.” - Duncan Jones

Three local sporting legends, Duncan Jones, Loren Dykes MBE and Gwenan Davies are all ambassadors of the project. 

Former Ospreys and Wales international rugby player Duncan Jones said: “Sport in general teaches teamwork, respect, and a sense of ‘doing your bit’, however big or small that is. That’s where The Green Pitch Pledge really makes sense – it is a great initiative to ensure that playing facilities, often maintained by volunteers, are kept in a safe and clean condition so that they can be enjoyed by everyone.”

Ex-Wales defender turned football coach Loren Dykes said: “I am delighted to be an ambassador for the My Green Valley, Green Pitch Pledge. I want each player, parent, and supporter to take pride in the facilities and grounds where we train and play football, rugby, cricket, and for everyone to see that we’re all doing our bit to keep them clean and green.”

Welsh cricketer Gwenan Davies said: “From a very young age it was almost a tradition in Clydach that on a Saturday morning you’d be at the cricket club for 8:30am to help clean the clubhouse, sweep the changing rooms, and clear the ground before the weekend’s fixtures would commence. All for a cup of coffee and a bacon sandwich. 

“Now almost 15 years on and enjoying the life of a professional athlete, ‘sweeping the sheds’ is something we expect each other as teammates to do, whether you’re an international superstar or a young rookie finding their way.

“The Green Pitch Pledge is so important for our sports - not only to the youth at grassroots level, but for the adults to be reminded of how no one is too entitled to do their bit.”

Want to do your bit at your sports club? Find out more about how you can reduce your environmental impact whilst playing sport, by reading our resources at

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