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New Citbag full of inspiration for teachers delivering physical health and well-being in schools

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Children across Wales are set to find physical activity and sport even more fun and enjoyable thanks to an online pack of resources that have been produced for teachers by Sport Wales.

Sport Wales’ bilingual Citbag platform is full of ideas aimed at helping teachers plan creative sessions as part of the Curriculum for Wales, while the resources can also be used by anyone offering physical activities and sport to children and young people such as coaches, volunteers, young leaders, parents and carers.

For children and young people at the beginning of their journey, Citbag features Play to Learn resources encouraging the development of fundamental physical movement skills such as balance, throwing, running, catching and jumping. As they continue their progression, the hub offers Dragon Multiskills and Dragon Sport supporting teachers to build on those foundations and help set young people up for a healthy, active life.

All of the resources describe the key teaching points and list any equipment that’s needed to deliver the activities safely.

Citbag also features an assessment tracker which can be used as a monitoring tool for physical skill progression. The resources are simple to follow, meaning they are ideal for older children to use when leading sessions, giving them the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and confidence. 

Melanie Davies, Education and Health Officer at Sport Wales, said: “Our research and insight tell us that many primary school teachers would welcome resources that can support them in delivering physical health and well-being sessions. 

“Giving young people an enjoyable experience in physical activity and sport from a young age is really important as it means they’re more likely to be active for the rest of their lives. The Citbag resources develop fundamental movement skills, setting the foundations for children to become healthy and confident individuals. 

“We’ve redesigned the Citbag platform so that it aligns with the Curriculum for Wales Health and Well-being Area of Learning and Experience. Citbag now makes it easier for teachers to find suitable activities for their pupils and to help monitor skill development. We’ve piloted the usability of the resources and have listened to teacher’s feedback to make the resources as user-friendly as possible. 

“Citbag will provide plenty of inspiration to help children become healthy and confident participants in school and beyond.

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