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Do the little things for sport this St David’s Day

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Here at Sport Wales, we always look forward to St David’s Day. And to help you get into the swing of things, we’ve put together a list of activities you can do to celebrate all things Welsh.

Our list has been inspired by the advice of Dewi Sant himself. His most famous saying is “Gwnewch y pethau bychain” which means do the little things..

Donate your old kit or equipment

If you’ve got some old kit or equipment that you no longer use, why not help tackle inequalities and pass it on to someone else? Grown out of your football boots? Tennis racket gathering dust? Moved on from junior equipment? Do the little things and advertise any unwanted kit or equipment on your local club’s Facebook page. Or donate it to Lord’s Taverners who will make sure it helps someone in the UK or abroad. 

Invite a friend to join you 

Sometimes, it just takes a little nudge to encourage someone to try out a new sport or to do some exercise. So, this St David’s Day, why not invite a friend to join you at your local sports club or suggest a trip to your nearest swimming pool or go for a run together? Doing physical activity helps get our endorphins flowing – the brains feel-good chemicals. It helps us to feel happier, more relaxed and less anxious. Throw in some good company, and you might really be doing a friend a favour.

Use the Welsh language in your training

Turn the hwyl up a notch at training and use some Cymraeg! You don’t have to be a fluent Welsh speaker to speak a little bit of Welsh. Here are some simple words and phrases for you to try…

  • Dal ati – Keep at it
  • Da iawn – Very good/Well Done
  • Ymlaen – Come on!
  • Am gôl! – What a goal!
  • Llongyfarchiadau – Congratulations! 
  • Cais - Try
  • Tacl – Tackle
  • Pasio Gwych – Great pass
  • Diolch, ref! – Thank you

Want to go one step further? Sign up with – there are even courses that are free! Gwych!

Say thanks to your coach or volunteer

A little thank you goes a very long way! This St David’s Day, take the time to say thank you to your coaches and volunteers. Tell them why you appreciate them or, let actions speak louder than words, and roll up your sleeves. Turn up early and offer to lend a hand. It’s really important we value those who make grassroots sport happen in Wales.

Daffodils beneath a purple sky

Go daffodil spotting

We are spoilt for choice in Wales for beautiful walks and there’s never a more glorious time of year than when the daffodils are on display. Head to your nearest park to see our national emblem in bloom or one of the many National Trust places in Wales. 

If you prefer to go off grid, you could opt for one of Wales’ best walks to take in our nation’s splendour. 

Work out to Welsh miwsig

For extra St David’s Day points, search for Welsh music playlists. From Adwaith to Yma O Hyd and everything inbetween, let Welsh artists be your sporting soundtrack.

Support local sporting projects

If you’re a Welsh business, have you thought about sponsoring local grassroots sporting projects? There are clubs right across Wales looking for a helping hand.

Also, as a business, you may want to donate rewards to help a local club that’s crowdfunding to upgrade their facilities. You get to raise awareness of your business while supporting a local community club to help local people be more active – everyone’s a winner! Just take a look at the live Crowdfunder projects across Wales to find out more. 

Fly the dragon

Dig out your bucket hats and red jerseys because no matter what sport you play or how you get your exercise kicks, be proud that you’re Welsh. We may be a small nation but we are mighty! 

Let us know if you decide to follow any of our tips. We’d love to hear about it. Get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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