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Be Active, Wales - We're Here to Support You

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Be Active, Wales - We're Here to Support You

Each January usually brings with it a new sense of optimism as people look to set goals, build new habits and, quite often, reinvigorate their exercise regimes.

Of course, this New Year is very different indeed. But the importance of being active to benefit both your physical and mental health remains absolutely paramount.

Sport Wales’ Be Active Wales campaign – which is supported by partners across the Welsh sport sector – provided inspiration to get the nation moving during last spring’s lockdown, and aims to do the same this time around, despite the winter weather providing an extra challenge.

While leisure centres and gyms are closed, and club activities have paused, the campaign aims to motivate and support you by highlighting a range of alternative exercise options. Simply follow the hashtag #BeActiveWales and get inspired to follow an online workout, pick up some ideas for practicing sport skills at home, or learn more about why particular activities are good for you.


The campaign brings all of those tips, ideas and resources together, making it easier to find something suitable for you, your parents, your grandparents, or your children while you juggle your own work commitments with home schooling. 

Insight gained from the spring 2020 lockdown tells us that older people and youngsters living in areas of deprivation are two of the groups likely to be hardest hit by the current coronavirus restrictions, so the campaign has a specific aim of supporting over 60s and children through this period and beyond.   

Organisations from across the country are working hard to ensure that these groups have the best chance of being active during this time. We’ve collated them all in one place for easy access so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of being active.

Support for young people and older adults