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7 ways getting #BackInTheGame can boost your wellbeing

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It’s been a tough year but lots of you have adapted. Gym classes over Zoom. Garden workouts. Running that same doorstep route. After being stuck staring at the same four walls for the past year, it’s time to put your mental health first. And, what better way to do that than with the return of those sports you love and have missed? It is time to get #BackInTheGame. 

Exercise isn’t only beneficial for you physically, but it plays a huge role in your mental health, too. Here are 7 ways it does that.

Friends/Social Interaction

It hasn’t just been the same four walls, but the same faces we’ve been seeing. Getting #BackInTheGame at a sports club allows you to interact with your friends in person, participating in an activity you all enjoy and having something in common. 

Improves Self-Esteem

Exercise is so powerful, it can boost your confidence and give you a great sense of self-worth. If you’ve spent too many days indoors or your physical activity has dropped off, it’s time to get back in the game and feel good about yourself again.


There is no better way to get those everyday stresses off your mind than by getting back in the game. Ever heard of the power of mindfulness? When you’re focused on an activity, and allow everyday worries to slip away, it can be bring you a lot of joy. 

Goal keeper celebrating

Releases endorphins

Have you ever felt that amazing buzz you get after exercising? An intense workout releases a hormone called endorphins which gives you a natural high. Getting that buzz back. 

Reduces Stress

Talking about releasing hormones, not only do you get a release of endorphins but participating in sports helps decrease the production of stress hormones. This means being regularly active makes you less likely to become stressed. That’s a win. 

Improved Sleep

Something you do every day (or night, in this case) is pretty important. Regular exercise is proven to give you a better night’s sleep. Taking part in sport will help to put a spring in your step and add a little more zest to your everyday life.

Stimulates the mind

It’s not only your muscles that grow from exercising regularly but your brain does, too! Getting back in the game will stimulate the growth of brain cells. Exercise helps improve your memory and focus. Healthy mind, and healthy body. 

How are you getting #backinthegame? We’d love to hear from you. Email or use the hashtag on social media. 

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