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6 top tips for nutrition ‘under lockdown’

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Our Sport Wales Performance Nutrition team talk nutrition and how to maintain a healthy, balanced diet during lockdown. 


Hygiene first

Focus on hand hygiene around any preparation and eating. Always remember to follow best practice for food safety. Not sure what this is? Find out more by visiting here. 


Buy sensibly 

Don't waste your money or precious basket space on "immune boosting" foods and drinks. You cannot “boost” your immune system through diet, and no specific food or supplement will prevent you catching COVID-19/Coronavirus. Good hygiene practice remains the best means of avoiding infection. 



If you are working at home and your usual routine is out of sync, try and stick to your regular meals times. This will help avoid unnecessary snacking or impulse eating. 



Try to continue to eat a rainbow of different coloured fruits and veggies. Remember frozen or tinned are just as nutritious as fresh!



Steaming, microwaving, grilling or baking are the cooking methods that best preserve vitamin content. 


Mindful meals 

When you eat, stop working, playing on your iPad, watching TV etc. Sit down and focus fully on eating and enjoying your meal. 


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